March 9, 2004

Is Schilling Baseball's Best #3 Starter? Tim Wakefield says he has been "unofficially told" that he will be slotted between Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling in the rotation, possibly as early as mid-April. Wakefield says the move "would be the best contrast for the team." Theo Epstein agrees -- "[I]f you can break up back-to-back (similar) looks, you do." -- but it's far from official. Epstein also says the Red Sox actually have 4-5 different styles, which is true. Derek Lowe and Byung-Hyun Kim offer much different looks and pitches than the other three. ... Just another reason why talk of who is a #2 or a #5 pitcher is silly.

Martinez makes his spring debut at 7:05 against the Reds and will likely pitch two innings. "I'm ready to go. I just want to be like I am right now -- healthy. I feel good." Schilling will relieve Martinez -- sorry Cincinnati! ... Since this blog grew out of my old Pedro45 website, I'm planning on posting Martinez's pitch-by-pitch, at the very least; we'll see what WEEI (via MLB's website) gives me.

Sean McAdam reports that agents representing Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek, Lowe and Martinez have visited City of Palms Park in the last few days, talking contracts with Red Sox management. ... Trot Nixon received a steroid injection in his spine to treat a mild strain in his lower back caused by a bulging disk. ...Two articles on Tony Womack ... Bob Hohler chats with the Greek God of Walks (also). ... And even his wife calls him Papa Jack.

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