March 30, 2004

Predictions, Part 4. From the New York Daily News: Bill Madden, John Harper, Anthony McCarron, Vic Ziegel, Sam Borden, Bill Gallo, Adam Rubin and Mighty Quinn (my previous prediction posts: 1, 2 and 3):
              Madden    Harper     McCarron   Ziegel
AL EAST       Yankees   Yankees    Yankees    Yankees
AL CENTRAL    Royals    Twins      Royals     Royals
AL WEST       Angels    Angels     Mariners   Angels
AL WILD CARD  Mariners  Red Sox    Red Sox    Red Sox
AL CHAMP      Angels    Red Sox    Yankees    Yankees
NL EAST       Phillies  Phillies   Phillies   Marlins
NL CENTRAL    Cubs      Cubs       Cubs       Astros
NL WEST       Giants    Giants     Giants     Giants
NL WILD CARD  Marlins   Astros     Astros     Cubs
NL CHAMP      Cubs      Cubs       Phillies   Astros
WORLD CHAMP   Cubs      Red Sox    Yankees    Astros
AL MVP        Delgado   A-Rod      A-Rod      A-Rod
NL MVP        Pujols    Thome      Berkman    Pujols
AL CY YOUNG   Mussina   Pedro      Pedro      Pedro
NL CY YOUNG   Wood      Prior      RJohnson   Pettitte
              Borden    Gallo      Rubin      Quinn
AL EAST       Yankees   Yankees    Yankees    Red Sox
AL CENTRAL    Royals    Royals     Royals     White Sox
AL WEST       Angels    Angels     Angels     Angels
AL WILD CARD  Red Sox   Red Sox    Red Sox    Yankees
AL CHAMP      Red Sox   Yankees    Yankees    Red Sox
NL EAST       Phillies  Atlanta    Phillies   Atlanta
NL CENTRAL    Cubs      Cardinals  Cubs       Cubs
NL WEST       Giants    Giants     Giants     Giants
NL WILD CARD  Astros    Cubs       Astros     Phillies
NL CHAMP      Phillies  Cardinals  Cubs       Cubs
WORLD CHAMP   Red Sox   Cardinals  Cubs       Cubs
AL MVP        A-Rod     Jeter      Guerrero   Nomar
NL MVP        Thome     Pujols     Thome      Sosa
AL CY YOUNG   Mussina   Schilling  Schilling  Pedro
NL CY YOUNG   Wood      Prior      Trachsel   Prior
Steve Trachsel for NL Cy Young?!?!? ... Madden also predicts the standings:
Yankees    99  63  
Red Sox    89  73
Blue Jays  87  75
Orioles    81  81
Devil Rays 71  91
He also has the Royals winning the Central by 6 games over the White Sox and the Angels edging out the A's by 3 games. In the NL, the Phillies top Florida by 4 games, the Cubs (with 101 wins) waltz past the Astros by 10 games and the Giants finish five games ahead of Arizona.

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