March 2, 2004

We're Not Allowed To Lose. Curt Schilling: "[I]t's the first time I've been in a win-or-else situation. We're not allowed to lose. ... I know as soon as I don't do as well as they expect they're going to be all over me. But that's all right, too. It's different here. It truly is." ... Paul Hagen, the author of the article, also comments on Schilling's replica 1919 Red Sox jersey: "It had Ruth's No. 3 on the back and, yes, [Schilling] said he did the research and determined that Babe's last year with Boston was the first year the team featured numbers." ... Whatever research he did was wrong (see 3rd paragraph).

Mike F's March 1 Spring Training report. ... Florida Times Union: "Best Team In Baseball -- On Paper" ... The Globe on Mark Bellhorn. ... In camp: Johnny Damon won't take BP until Tuesday or Wednesday because of a minor problem with his non-throwing (right) elbow. ... Keith Foulke threw on the side while other pitchers threw batting practice. ... Ramiro Mendoza played catch from 75 feet. ... Manny Ramirez took extra fielding for the fourth time in five days. ... Byung Hyun Kim proceeded cautiously in the rundown drills as he coped with a stiff back. ... Scott Williamson began to let loose in his fourth bullpen session.

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