March 12, 2004

Red Sox 5, Dodgers 1. Box.
Los Angeles  000  010  000 - 1  8  1

Boston 202 000 10x - 5 6 0
Tim Wakefield threw 3 innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 walks, but no runs. Keith Foulke, making his spring debut, threw a perfect 4th. Boston battered starter Hideo Nomo for 3 hits, 4 walks and 4 runs. ... Five innings of play-by-play thanks to pedro1918:

Dodgers 1st: Ruan out. Izturis singled. Beltre out. Green out.
Red Sox 1st: Damon 6-3. Mueller K. Ramirez doubled off LF wall. Ortiz homered down RF line. Bellhorn F9.

Dodgers 2nd: Encarnacion walked. Ventura F5. Knuckleball got away, but Encarnacion caught advancing. Ross walked. Trammell F5.
Red Sox 2nd: Kapler walked, was caught stealing. Varitek F9. Womack lined out.

Dodgers 3rd: Hernandez P4. Bruhan 6-3. Izturis singled to shortstop, stole 2nd. Beltre F8.
Red Sox 3rd: Crespo walked. Damon singled, Crespo to 2nd. Mueller F9, Crespo to 3rd. Ramirez walked, bases loaded. Ortiz forced Ramirez at 2nd, Ortiz to 2nd on Nomo's error, Damon and Crespo scored. Bellhorn walked. Kapler FC.

Dodgers 4th: Foulke pitching. Green 4-3. Encarnacion F8. Ventura 4-3.
Red Sox 4th: Dreifort pitching. Varitek K. Womack 4-3. Crespo singled. Damon FC.

Dodgers 5th: Embree pitching, Mirabelli catching. Ross F9. Trammell L7. Hernandez singled off Embree's glove. Ruan singled, Hernandez to 2nd. Izturis singled, Hernandez scored, Ruhan to 3rd. Beltre F8.
Red Sox 5th: Shuey pitching. Shumpert P6. Ramirez 6-3. Ortiz K.

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