March 16, 2004

Pedro, Sox Talk Deal. Michael Silverman reports: "Talks between Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox about a contract extension are expected to continue this week, although an initial offer has yet to be made by the team ... Talks with Martinez remain in the preliminary stages, after the sides met once early last week. The Sox ace is seeking a deal before the end of spring training, after which he has vowed to enter the free-agent market while not ruling out the possibility of re-signing with the ballclub."

Karim "Uromysitisis" Garcia shot back at Pedro Martinez. Daily News: "I really don't care what he says. Whatever floats his boat, that's not my business. Give it a rest. We're in a new year. They lost. So what? Move on. Unfortunately, when they lost against the Yankees, it's probably a little harder for them to swallow it." ... Post: "He's already thinking about me, and I'm not playing in the American League anymore." Asked if he had lost respect for Martinez: "Who said I had respect for Pedro to begin with?" ... Newsday: "I'm not going to get into a war of words with Pedro. If he wants to bury himself, that's fine. I faced him in Game 7. He pitched his game, I played mine and that was it. I moved on."

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