March 16, 2004

He Won't Shut Up. Tito's Predecessor gave an interview to GQ. One quote: "I had players come and tell me that when they're on the field they're thinking about those ghosts. They think about Bill Buckner -- and not wanting to be a Bill Buckner. And if I got a couple of players come tell me that face-to-face, then I know in my heart I got twenty thinking that. It's just a couple of them got the balls enough to say it out loud."

As Dirt Dog says: "We want names Ghost-man. Give us the names of these Curse mongers."

TP also said: "I think there is going to be an NFL-type game plan for each and every game the Red Sox play from here on out. I think they're going to have the manager manage on a nightly basis to execute the game plan." ... Wait, you mean Francona's gonna "manage on a nightly basis to execute the game plan"? Every freaking night, for every single game? What is he, nuts?

I'm working on transcribing Pedro's ESPN Sunday conversation interview, so I'll have that (probably) this evening.

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