March 21, 2004

Red Sox 4, Orioles 2. We win again! The SoSH game thread has a pitch-by-pitch description of Arroyo's outing.
Boston     000 011 002 - 4  9  2  

Baltimore 000 101 000 - 2 6 0
MLB: Bronson Arroyo allowed one run and four hits in four innings. The run came in the fourth when David Segui singled, Miguel Tejada walked and (one out later) Jay Gibbons singled. Boston evened the game in the fifth when David McCarty broke Bedard's no-hitter with a home run to left-center field.

[The line scores show Boston scoring in the 4th (not the 5th) and Baltimore scoring in the 5th (and not the 4th); I've fixed the line score here to reflect the game summary.]

The Red Sox took the lead in the sixth when Manny Ramirez scored as Tejada threw late to first on McCarty's bases-loaded grounder. In the Baltimore half, Tejada doubled off Mark Malaska, stole third and scored on Doug Mirabelli's throwing error.

Terry Shumpert singled to begin the Red Sox 9th. Jimmy Alvarez then whacked a triple to right-center. Shumpert scored but may have strained a hamstring. David Murphy singled in Alvarez.

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