March 3, 2004

A Glimmer Of A Spine? The 9/11 Commission is refusing to accept the White House's conditions for any interviews with George Bush and Dick Cheney and is renewing its request that Condoleezza Rice testify in public. ... The New York Times article also includes this sentence: "Commission officials said that if the White House continued to insist on limitations on the interviews with Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, there might be little that the panel could do to force the issue and that the commission might have to accept the White House's terms."

Arghhhhhhhhhh! Does this Commission have any power whatsoever? Several weeks ago, Bush told Tim Russert flat-out, "I don't testify" -- but the issue is simple: are elected officials accountable to the people or are they above the law? There is no middle ground. ... And how many dozens of stories of stonewalling, obstruction and evasiveness will be reported before people seriously start questioning whether this administration has something to hide?

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