March 9, 2004

Pedro's First Outing. In Fort Myers this evening:

Cincinnati 1st:

D'Angelo Jimenez:
outside high fastball
high 3-0
down middle fastball 3-1
up and in -- walk (all fastballs)

Barry Larkin:
fastball called strike
low outside cutter 1-1
foul to right side (runner going) 1-2
foul down right field line
6-3 (runner going, runner to 2nd)

Ken Griffey:
inside & high 1-0
foul off left side 1-1
ripped right field corner, double, run scored, poor relay home by shumpert

Adam Kearns:
fastball up and away 1-0
called strike 1-1
high fastball swing/miss 1-2
outside 2-2
over outside corner called K

Sean Casey:
called strike 0-1
high fly out to deep center, edge of track

Cincinnati 2nd inning:

Jason LaRue:
high 1-0
fouled right side 1-1
inside and high 2-1
swing, foul to screen 2-2
fastball high 3-2
fly out to shallow cf

Adam Dunn:
outside 1-0
slow breaking ball, called strike 1-1
changeup, low and away 2-1
high fly out to shallowish cf

Brandon Larson:
called strike 0-1
fouled to screen 1-1
fastball high 2-1
called strike three

14 pitches -- 34 total (2 innings, 1 hit, 1 run, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts).
Both teams scored in the first inning. After two innings, 1-1.

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