March 4, 2004

Bush Exploits 9/11 While Blocking Investigation; German 9/11 Conviction Overturned. . Dan Froomkin lists many news links regarding Bush's use of 9/11 imagery in his campaign ads (which you can see here). Some of the family members are -- quite rightly -- pissed. ... Bush has done everything possible to prevent any investigation into what happened that day, yet he's eager to appropriate the tragedy for his own political use.

If Bush is so proud of his leadership that day -- though since he's admitted that he flew half way across the country in the opposite direction because he was trying to "get out of harm's way," he really shouldn't be -- he ought to leap at the opportunity to share with the 9/11 Commission on live TV, so all Americans can hear, exactly what he did that day. ... Instead, the White House continues to operate on the maxim voiced by an unnamed GOP staffer in Newsweek on October 11, 2002 regarding the investigation: "There's just this general philosophical orientation that the less the world knows, the better."

A scathing statement from Harold Schaitberger, the General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO (IAFF), on Bush's ads. ... "Germany's highest court today overturned the verdict against the only person convicted of involvement in the Sept. 11 terror attacks ... because the evidence was not enough to convict him. Prosecutors attributed the acquittal to the Bush administration's reluctance to make captured terrorists available for testimony and to allow prosecutors to make use of intelligence information on the terrorist network."

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