March 3, 2004

Bloggers. A look at part of the baseball blog world. ... I installed a counter on this site on February 9; since then, Joy of Sox has had 6,680 visitors. Largest one-day total: 437, March 1. Readers have come from the US, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Japan, UK, Finland, Spain, Republic of Korea, Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, Hungary.

Rany Jazayerli of Baseball Prospectus -- in "A Brief History of Pitcher Usage" -- asks: "[H]ow do you get the most value out of a pitcher without 1) diminishing his effectiveness and/or 2) getting him hurt? More than a century later, baseball has only begun to answer that question." Then he explains: "How We Measure Pitcher Usage."

AP: "A woman charged with causing a fatal car crash in 1999 says that she couldn't have been behind the wheel because she was performing a sex act on the driver at the time." ... Mailbag: Sarah from RallyCuff tells me the Bill Lee quote is from his Little Red (Sox) Book. ... And El Guapo's Ghost liked the idea of a Red Sox Real World (last paragraph) featuring Pedro, Manny and Dan Shaughnessy: "The producers could have Manny's buddy, Carl Everett, come over and play cards ... Things would certainly heat up after that evening." ... And, while the deadline is about a month away, don't forget to enter the Red Sox Wins contest.

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