March 22, 2004

Richard Clarke -- The Week Begins. Here are stories from the New York Times and Washington Post; the Post also has a Condoleezza Rice Op-Ed countering Clarke. ... One of the Times articles is written by Judith Miller, whose credibility issues regarding terrorism and the invasion dwarf those of Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass and Jack Kelley. ... Even the Wall Street Journal -- which actually ran several excellent investigative articles in late September and October 2001 -- sees fit to examine the gross inaccuracies in the Official Version(s). Better late than never.

Josh Marshall has several posts regarding Clarke and TPM promises to be one of the best guides to this story in coming days and weeks. Here's his latest; and then going back and coming up to today in chronological order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. All of these are essential reading. ... Clarke and other Clinton and Bush administration officials will be testifying publicly before the 9/11 Commission on Tuesday and Wednesday. If this story doesn't have legs, then it's a fair bet that no story critical of the Bush administration will.

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