March 7, 2004

Are We Sure That Isn't Timothy Bottoms In Those Ads? George Bush's new campaign commercials feature actors dressed up as firefighters in a fake fire station. Other scenes were culled from "stock footage" of real life. ... Fake election results; fake Crawford "ranch"; fake attempt to git bin Laden; fake "Made in America" stickers on boxes that actually said "Made in China"; fake WMD; fake mobile bio-weapon labs; fake Niger yellowcake; fake fighter pilot; fake turkey; fake promise to release National Guard file (of fake TANG service); fake democracy in Iraq; and now fake firefighters. Appropriate for a man who once said: "I'm basically a media creation. I've never done anything."

Newsweek also reports: "White House officials have privately signaled to the [9/11] commission that Bush will not rigidly stick to the one-hour time limit. When time is up, Bush won't walk out if there are still more questions, an aide said." ... He won't run out of the room after 60 minutes like a schoolkid being saved by the bell? Words fail me.

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