August 7, 2007

The Black Pearl

Further info on the Red Sox relievers calling themselves the "Pirates of the Caribbean": When Eric Gagne joined the team, I heard (on NESN, I guess) that he had already been assigned a nickname.

No word on what anyone's nickname is, but Rob Bradford says bullpen coach Gary Tuck told him that "the relievers call the Fenway bullpen 'The Black Pearl' and have secret handshakes upon entering The Pearl".

Also from the Bradford Files:
Speaking of Gagne, I got the chance to ask him about that game at Fenway Park in which he came in for an injured Akinori Otsuka. The reliever was showered with boos when he wouldn't leave the bullpen to take his warmup pitches. Here is the explanation:

"I knew you could warm up on the field, but I didn't know you had to," Gagne said. "My pitching coach was like, 'You've got to go out there.' I'm like, 'I don't want to, I want to warm up here.' He told me I had to get out there because it was the rule."


9casey said...

This pirates thing is bordering on being really corny........Yeah thats right I typed corny

redsock said...

I know ... but I really want to know the nicknames!!!

Andy said...

I would also like to know the names.

tim said...

I find it mildly humorous that there's an actual MLB team called the pirates.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

I think it's awesome. You need goof balls on every successful team. I'm glad they're having fun out there.