August 3, 2007

With Son Recovering From Surgery, Drew Travels With Sox To West Coast

JD Drew's 17-month-old son, Jack, had at least six hours of surgery on Tuesday to correct developmental dysplasia in his hip joints. Drew:
We just found out about it last week. He fell and broke his collarbone, which was one of the situations that sent us to the orthopedist. We've been watching him walk and had some questions about the way he walked and [the doctor] ended up looking at his hips. Both of his hips were essentially dislocated. Luckily we caught it when we did.
Jack, in a near-full body cast, came home from the hospital Wednesday night; his father is with the team in Seattle.


nick said...

It must be intense to go through that and then fly to the other side of the country. The poor kid stuck in that crazy cast.

When my daughter was 13 mo. she broke her leg (by the ankle) and had to wear a full leg cast. But chest to ankle on both legs! must be torture for that kid (what do they do about going to the bathroom?).

phrenile said...

Whenever I hear "hip dysplasia", I think of samoyeds. I guess whoever's breeding our species hasn't bred that disease out of us yet.

L-girl said...

And I think German Shepherds. They suffer from it badly.

Whether canine or human, it's best to a mutt.

what do they do about going to the bathroom?

Full-body cast is an expression, but it's not really one continuous cast. There are spaces, holes, tubes. I'm not saying it's fun, but the kid is not really encased from chest to ankle like a mummy.

nick said...

Yeah...I kinda figured. Or like a big plaster union suit. none-too-pleasant, all the same.