August 2, 2007

Eric Gagne: In His Own Words

I got more calls from friends in Montreal after the trade than I did when I won the Cy Young Award [in 2003].
There are so many [Red Sox] fans in Montreal, especially with the Expos gone now. Everybody in Montreal are pretty much Boston fans. Me personally, I was an Expos fan. But Boston has always been my second-favorite team. Montreal is a lot like Boston, blue-collar city, really good sports city.
I have to get used to that red. I never wore red before. I'm pretty excited. ... It's going to be different. I'll have to get used to it a little bit. I talked to Timlin a little bit and he's going to tell me the little tricks. I'm probably going to do my regular routine and close the eighth inning. That's the only difference.
That's the first time I ever got traded, so [Tuesday] was a really, really emotional day. I didn't know where I was going to go. ... I'm happy with [this] scenario. That’s pretty much my top scenario.
It was probably a month and a half ago where I went back-to-back days, had a day off and went back-to-back again. That's really when I felt like my arm was bouncing back, and my back was feeling good. I felt great all year, but it just got better and better every week.
[Waiving my partial no-trade clause] was one of the easiest decisions I ever had to make. ... I want to be a Red Sox for the rest of the year and help them win a World Series. That's all I care about. Best organization in baseball. I think [it's] the best sports city there is in America. That's why I jumped on that chance to come here. I want to be a closer, I always want to be a closer. I think I see myself as a closer. But a chance to have 15 more saves or win a World Series? That was a pretty easy choice.
Gagne also answered a question from a French-Canadian reporter in flawless French. Alex Cora, who played with Gagne in Los Angeles: "I don't like it when he speaks French, because that means things aren't going too well on the mound."

Gordon Edes has a good article on how the Sox kept Papelbon informed of the trade talks and his reaction.
At first, it didn't really go well. I'm going, 'Wait a minute, what's going on here?' ... He came in here today, I said, 'All right, baby, you're the one, let's do this.' He said, 'That's why I came here.' He wants to go out to prove to everybody that he was the last link in the chain for us to go out and win a World Series.


Pokerwolf said...

What's the over/under for the first "Gagne being Gagne" line from Remy? The first out he gets?

L-girl said...

Gagne also answered a question from a French-Canadian reporter in flawless French.

He's a Quebecker. Of course his French is flawless!