August 30, 2007

Fashion Police

New York Post:
... Bob Watson entered the Red Sox dugout during last night's game to talk to Terry Francona about not wearing a uniform jersey while managing. Francona opts for a red pullover, which is sanctioned by MLB properties. ...

"Get out of the dugout during the game," Francona firmly told Watson, who left.

Watson ... recently docked Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long $1,000 for not wearing a jersey.
Doesn't Yankee Bob have other issues with which to waste his time? ... Also, Connie Mack agrees with Tito: Watson can go pound sand.


CaKeY said...

WTF. I dont care what the rules are you dont do that shit DURING the game. What the hell was he thinking?

I think its pretty stupid to force managers to wear a full uniform. Imagine if Belichick had to go to the game in full pads and helmet. Or Pat Riley walking around in shorts and no-sleeve shirt. Ridiculous.

Jere said...

Tito is my hero.

Jere said...

"Imagine ... Pat Riley walking around in shorts and no-sleeve shirt."

I do all the time.

So, CHB just said that what happened was that Watson was in the dugout before the game talking to Tito and they were laughing and smiling, and Tito pulled down the neck of his sweater (no one ever talks about Tito's poor circulation, though I was glad CHB did today) to show his jersey.

Then, during the game, they had some MLB official go into the dugout to "check" on Tito to make sure he STILL had the jersey on underneath. That's when Tito got pissed, as he missed a pitch because of it.

L-girl said...

Is that Connie Mack or John Sayles??