August 3, 2007

G109: Mariners 7, Red Sox 4

I thought we were clear on this. If you have to use Mike Timlin, use him for one inning only. One. Terry Francona, bouyed by a couple of recent successful multiple inning stints from White Flag, gambled on Friday night ... and lost.

Timlin came into a 4-4 tie game in the sixth. After a Julio Lugo error put a runner on first, Timlin committed a throwing error on a pickoff attempt, then threw wild to third base on a bunt. A grounder to second brought in the go-ahead run. An intentional walk and a single to right loaded the bases before Timlin escaped further trouble thanks to an unassisted double play from Lugo.

After 19 pitches in the 6th, Timlin was back out on the hill for the seventh. He gave up a single to left, and after getting one out, surrendered a long home run to Kenji Johjima that gave Seattle a 7-4 lead. Francona had doused himself with gasoline and struck a match -- it was no surprise he got burned.

The Red Sox hitters could do nothing in five innings against the Mariners bullpen.


Jon Lester (4.26, 106 ERA+) / Horacio Ramirez (6.52, 65 ERA+)

Lefty Ramirez has allowed 80 hits and 24 walks in only 58 innings this season. Mike Lowell is 9-for-18 against him. Lester makes his 3rd start of the season.

Seattle is 59-47, 3.5 GB the Angels and 1 GB Cleveland for the wild card. ... The Yankees (3 GB for the WC) host the Royals at 7 PM.


Pokerwolf said...

Ugh. Yet again we get to help the MFYs in the Wild Card chase.

Go Cleveland, go?

Michael said...

Anyone heard anything about Matt Clement? Is he going to EARN any of his 9.5 mil this year?

redsock said...

There has been some articles in the last week or two about his throwing schedule, but I didn't link to them. He thinks he might be able to pitch in September. I'm highly skeptical.

redsock said...

Clement had surgery on both his rotator cuff and labrum. I recall reading somewhere that no pitcher has ever come back from that. (Can't verify that, though.)

s1c said...

As ugly as Ramirez's numbers look, He is 6 and 0 at Safeco with a very good 2.63 ERA and is averaging 6.28 innings per start with a WHIP of 1.30. That works out to 13.72 on the road ERA. ouch.

As for helping out the Yankees, that is what we do for the next six games. I just hope KC comes in and does something against the MFY's.

L-girl said...

As for helping out the Yankees, that is what we do for the next six games.

But as long as we keep winning, it shouldn't matter.

redsock said...

Pedroia 4
Youkilis 3
Ortiz -
Manny 7
Lowell 5
Varitek 2
Pena 9
Crisp 8
Lugo 6

Ichiro 8
Vidro -
Guillen 9
Beltre 5
Sexson 3
Johjima 2
Jones 7
Lopez 4
Betancourt 6

redsock said...

KC: 001 000
NY: 010 20

redsock said...

KC: 001 000
NY: 010 203

redsock said...

Rats. FSN on MLBTV.

redsock said...

DP and Yook start off with nice little singles to CF.

redsock said...

one run in and two sox end up on third. oops.

chris said...

Redsock is on target as always. Nobody's torn both, so nobody's come back. He was pretty messed up. He wants to come pitch some relief innings in throwaway games, so basically, we're gettin nothing.

Oh whatever shall we do with his money next year???

redsock said...

Flo solo HR in the 3rd, 3-0 Sox.

B: 111
S: 00

Zenslinger said...

Nice homer, but -- it oughta be like 5-0.

Zenslinger said...

Pedroia grab -- who's the team's best player? Yeah.

s1c said...

Direct Tv help desk Sucks bilgewater!

Just spent the last 40 minutes getting nesn back.

What did I miss!

nixon33 said...

timlin throws it away!

s1c said...

two errors in the inning and a misguided throw to third on the sac. bunt. Sox are lucky they only gave up the 1 run.

nick said...

oh, that's not good.

nixon33 said...

why oh why do we not have someone else pitching, dont we have the best bullpen, SUPPOSEDLY?

s1c said...

Nine freaking losses in a row at Safeco. When will the insanity end?

phrenile said...


thatdietcokegirl said...

yep, timlin = huge liability in that bullpen. i say he goes for curt.
and if not then i never wanna see him again in a close game. ever. new clause in contract: you can maybe pitch when we have a 10-run lead.

thatdietcokegirl said...

ps. plus he's a hunting prick (i know, so are wake and paps. but at least they can pitch)

redsock said...

why do we all know how to use timlin and tito can't get it right?

goddamn it all to hell.

L-girl said...

I'm hoping this was the lesson Tito had to learn.

Yes, I am hoping that. Because I want to, ok?

tim said...

Fellow Joy Posters,

I'm glad to still be posting here, as on Thursday night, my life resembled a Timlin bullpen outing.

While driving home around 1am with a friend, I got into a horrific car accident. I was driving down a back road, approaching a T-intersection when lightning struck a hydro pole in front of me, causing a big explosion. I was startled and basically got distracted by this for a few seconds when I looked up and realized i was driving like 70 (km/h) into the intersection. I slammed on the brakes but it was too late, as my car flew into the ditch, nearly missing said hydro pole by about 1 foot. On the way down I smashed through the guide wire for the hydro pole. It broke and flew back up and whipped against the transformer, causing more sparks/explosions. I ended up smashing into a few trees and came to a stop.

We asked each other if we were alright; there was broken glass from the passenger window breaking. I chipped two teeth upon impact, and my friend had some small cuts on his face from the window breaking. The car is a write-off, however we're amazingly lucky that our lives aren't.

I'm going to the hospital for further tests now, and just to make sure everything is alright.

Watched the game last night to get my mind off things, but couldn't post here without letting everyone know that I almost had made my final post on Joy...

This is one of those life-altering events for me - it's time to smarten up and be more careful...

Anyways, looking forward to tonight's game. I love west coast games because of the late start time. Let's just hope that the space needle falls into Mike Timlin's pitching arm.

redsock said...

Damn. Glad to hear you guys are okay.

However, Timlin's outing did not turn out okay, so there's clearly a difference here. Perhaps your car is Timlin's arm?


Even after the leadoff single, Tito left Timlin in. Then a K and the blast. Naturally, MDC comes in and blows the two hitters away on strikes. Like he should have done to start the inning.

So many people have said it: Tito will keep using Timlin like he's a consistently valuable reliever until he is cut from the team.

redsock said...

How many games Tito/Timlin will cost us until White Flag is gone -- that's the question.

L-girl said...
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L-girl said...

Tim, glad you're both ok!

This is one of those life-altering events for me - it's time to smarten up and be more careful...

I don't know if you were drinking, but please, yes, be more careful, eh?!

L-girl said...

I hate west coast trips.

L-girl said...

Tito will keep using Timlin like he's a consistently valuable reliever until he is cut from the team.

Altogether now:


s1c said...

Every time I see Timlin come into a game when every body knows it should be MDC I think back to 2005. Coming down the stretch with the Sox and MFY's changing places every day in the standings, Francona kept on playing Millar while Olerud was sitting on the bench. If Francona, had played Olerud down the stretch there is no doubt in my mind that instead of the Sox and MFY ending in a tie, the Sox would have won the division. Francona is too loyal to the old timers sometimes and it makes me want to gnash my teeth.

Tim - glad you are still around.

L-girl said...

Francona is too loyal to the old timers sometimes and it makes me want to gnash my teeth.

That was always Torre's problem, too. It must be a common pitfall.