August 8, 2007

G114: Red Sox 9, Angels 6

The bats rescued Jon Lester (3.1-8-5-3-3, 93) and the Sox moved 6 GA in the East.

Mike Lowell reached base five times: single, three doubles, walk;

Dustin Pedroia had two singles, one home run, three runs scored;

JD Drew and Julio Lugo each had two hits; and

Brandon Moss got his first career hit and scored his first career run.

Tonight's game tied the Angels record for longest nine-inning home game: 4:02 (also set on September 30, 2000 against Seattle).


Jon Lester (5.09 ERA) / Dustin Moseley (4.43 ERA)

JD Drew will play center field tonight.

And Brandon Moss gets the start in right.

It's hard to argue with WMP:
I want to be traded. I want to play. They know I want to play. I'm surprised I wasn't traded before the deadline. ... They want me to perform, but how can I perform when I have just a couple of at-bats, then they take me out, and I don't play again for days? They said I would be given a chance to play, but it hasn't happened. ... I am not a guy who has caused any trouble, but I want to play.
Check out Pena's home/road split this year:
       PA   AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
Home 90 .138 .233 .200 .433
Away 74 .324 .378 .632 1.010


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thatdietcokegirl said...

haha, yep the 'it's him!' clip was my first post. oh god. lolness...

ps. the chef with the chili is in the longer clip somewhere.

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