August 23, 2007

Lester Sent To Portland (AA)

Jon Lester (5.67 ERA in six starts since July 23) was sent down to Portland (AA) today.

Why AA? According to Ian Browne, "Red Sox PR spokesman John Blake said that Portland's rotation lines up better for Lester to stay on his regular day." ... The Sea Dogs have 14 games remaining on its schedule, which ends September 3.

Javier Lopez was summoned from Pawtucket, so we'll have another lefty for the White Sox and Yankees games (Lopez stats versus CWS).

Julian Tavarez will start on Sunday.


tim said...


CaKeY said...


chris said...

Hm. Tavarez probably won't do much better than Lester, but I'm happy to see him back where he belongs, where he can work out his control without making our bullpen pitch almost as many innings and strikeouts as him :P

I'm guessing this is temporary. Buchholz, perhaps.

Jere said...

Dustin out of lineup tonight.

nixon33 said...

hopefully we'll see bucholz

chris said...

re dustin:
I best be hearing some Tina C. update during the game saying that he's actually totally fine, but spent the night in jail after roughing up the pitcher after the game. Urgh.

Andy said...

All will be fine.