August 15, 2007

Offerman Does Best Juan Marichal Impression

Former Red Sox infielder Jose Offerman was arrested Tuesday night after charging the mound and hitting the pitcher and catcher with his bat during an independent minor league game.

Bridgeport police said Offerman was arrested, but did not detail the charge. A source told the Connecticut Post he was charged with second-degree assault and faced a $10,000 bond. Police said he posted bond.


s1c said...

wasn't to long ago that some parent took a bat to an official or coach, I can't remember which and the State passed a law detailing that type of action being against the law and to be a felony (or at least I am sure it was a felony). Specifically using anything like a bat was very much big trouble.

tim said...

Wow. Pics here.

Dear god. Hit the pitcher on his hand and broke fingers, hit the catcher in the head and probably is concussed.

redsock said...

cue joke about him making solid contact for the first time since ....

Jeffrey said...

I thought this team sounded familiar... It was
featured on ESPN
2 months ago.

No warm-and-fuzzy quotes from Offerman there though.

mario bros said...

2 hits in one night? Did his bad knees keep his swing straight? Good to see he is still around; I wonder what he did with that $24 million lottery... I mean, Red Sox contract.