August 8, 2007


The Red Sox lead the AL East by 5 games. Their largest division lead was 11.5 games (on May 27-29). Over a long season, it's no surprise to find out that the lead has waxed and waned.
May 29:   11.5
June 14: 7.5
June 24: 11
July 18: 6.5
July 28: 9
August 8: 5
On May 29, the Yankees trailed Boston by 14.5 GB. Now they are only 5 GB. But again, it has not been a steady advance. New York closed to within 7.5 back on June 14, but dropped back to 11.5 only nine days later.

We knew that something like this was bound to happen during the time the MFY had the opportunity to beat up on bad teams. However, their schedule is about to get a lot tougher and ours is about to get much easier.

Red Sox  Yankees
There are serious questions about this team -- Schilling and Lester (and Wakefield) in the rotation and the maddeningly inconsistency of the hitters. However, I advise waiting until after the series in the Bronx before anyone even considers thinking about beginning to possibly panic.

Let's see where we are on August 31. I say 7 GA.


L-girl said...

before anyone even considers thinking about beginning to possibly panic

Well said.

Keep the faith, Joy Nation.

Polfro said...

Well, I truly hope I'm wrong, but the way the Yankees are playing right now, compared to the way the Red Sox are playing, strength of schedule means next to nothing. Boston had trouble with Kansas City at home the last time around. New York would have outscored them 35-3. I was pamicky when Boston was in front by by 10, because to me they haven't looked like a strong team since May. When you have Julio Lugo matched up against Derek Jeter at the key position in the field, you have a lot to worry about.

Drew said...

Anybody know why Beckett is missing (what I think should be) his start on Sunday?

Pokerwolf said...

What's annoying is that the MFY close out the season with the D-Rays, Orioles, and Jays.

The Sox close out the season with the A's and the Twins.

redsock said...

Anybody know why Beckett is missing (what I think should be) his start on Sunday?

ESPN has him penciled in for Saturday, but I see MLB has Schilling there (and no Beckett anywhere).

tim said...

My comments were out of line yesterday, now that I've had a cool down and sleep period, I'm no longer in panic mode. I was just in a bitter mood because last night's game just made me feel so helpless. It started out well, and once Wake was taken to the woodshed it felt like the collective bubble was burst and the sox just wanted to get out of there to party with the mickey mouse club.

Today is a new day, we're still up 5 games and the Yankees clearly won't continue to tear up other teams the way they're destroying these sub .500 teams. We've got a ton of games against sub .500 teams coming up, lets make em count!

redsock said...

Spur of the moment comments are more common (even expected) in game threads.

No harm done.

Jere said...

re BEckett: Gotta be because they wanna keep Curt and Wake on regular rest, while Dice has to go Friday, as that already gives him an extra day. So Josh would go Monday. Then we have a doubleheader that week, and.... I don't know, this sound plausibe to anyone?

Drew said...

Curiouser and curiouser. MLB has Wake starting on Sunday against the Orioles, but goes on to note:

"He faces Tampa Bay for the third time this season, winning both previous starts. Lifetime, Wakefield is 15-2 against the Devil Rays."

Stefan said...

I'll take 8 GA on 8/31.

tim said...

Looking at the schedule, if the Sox don't play bad against TB and Bal, they could push 10 or 11 GA by the end of Aug (depending on how the series in the Bronx goes).

my going out on a limb prediction is as follows:

The lead is back up to 6 after tonight.

Boston takes 3/3 in Baltimore while NY takes 2/3 in Cleveland (lead = 7)

Boston and NY both sweep TB and Bal, respectively.

Boston and NY both split with Anaheim and Detroit, respectively.

Boston takes 2/3 in TB, while NY only takes 1/3 from Anaheim (lead = 8)

Boston sweeps 4 in Chicago, NY splits 4 with Detroit. (lead = 10...9 if conservative and Bos takes 3/4)

Boston takes 2/3 in the Bronx, lead is 10 or 11.

They both win their games on the 31st vs. Bal/TB and Boston is 10 or 11 GA heading into September.

Keep in mind, my predictions are 100% subjective and have not taken into account any pitching matchups, intangibles, injuries etc. I think it's pretty plausible, as long as the red sox bring their A-game to shitty teams and take advantage of them and the yankees cool off against good teams.

tim said...

Footnote: if the yankees keep winning the way they are (major runs) against the likes of anaheim and detroit (and us!), i would be scared.

Jere said...

mlb now says Beckett Saturday, Schilling Sunday. Cool, I get Josh when I'm down in Balty.

Drew said...

Only Saturday ... or going to the game on Sunday, too, Jere?

Joel said...

look...papi is hurt, and the line up has changed every day...yet we are still 5 games up in August. seriously RSN, wouldn't we take that any day of the season?

wait till our line up is firing on all cylinders. my bet is it will happen in september...and the rotation will start really clicking...

i say bring on those bronx bombers...i say let that crap rotation and even crappier bullpen...let them come...let them come...