August 2, 2007

Schadenfreude 13 (A Continuing Series)

I was going to skip the series today -- the MFY won, after all -- but s1c wanted one.

(P.S. Help. The Post has changed its online layout a little bit and I can't find where the front and back page jpgs are located. Newsday also gave its site an overhaul, but that was easier to navigate.)

The Yankee are busy hitting home runs like the 1977 Red Sox (13 in the last two games, tying a franchise record set in a 1939 doubleheader against the Philadelphia Athletics). So ... 13 home runs ... Schadenfreude 13 ... #13 ... gotta be about Nay-Rod:


Pokerwolf said...

There's no pleasing Yankee fans. They have one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game on their team, who is the reason they're close to winning the wild card, but they have to put him down because (how dare he!) they have to wait for him to hit his 500th HR.

"What have you done for me lately?", indeed.

efd said...

jeez, the new NY Post site doesn't make it easy to find that cover... but, if you click through the flash carousel on the homepage to the 3rd item, then click on the image of the cover, voila:

I will now resume my normal lurking...

redsock said...

thanks efd!!!

post back page now included.

s1c said...

Oh, sure blame me for your obsession!
I had already seen the front and back of the post, so I knew you would like the lets beat up on A-Rod! Oh, one other 13 you forgot to mention - as in A-rod's number!