August 17, 2007

Schadenfreude 18 (A Continuing Series)

Kat O'Brien, Newsday:
All the momentum the Yankees gathered by winning 12 of 14 is suddenly rolling away.
Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
If last night was any indication, these could be two long weeks for the Yankees.

As the Bombers began their crucial 14-game stretch against the American League's three division leaders, Mike Mussina was lit up for seven runs in five innings - including four in the first, courtesy of a Carlos Guillen grand slam - in an 8-5 loss to the Tigers at the Stadium. The two teams, who had not met since Detroit's victory in last October's AL division series, will play seven more times in the next 11 days. ...

After winning 24 of 32 games to start the season's second half, the Yankees (67-54) have dropped three straight for the second time since June 28.
George King, Post:
How bad was Mussina?

Joe Torre summoned Kyle Farnsworth into the game in the sixth inning with the Yankees trailing by four runs. Brought to The Bronx to be Mariano Rivera's setup man, Farnsworth has turned into a $5.25 million mop-up man.

The loss was the Yankees third straight and started a 14-game stretch against the Tigers, Angels and Red Sox on a downer.
Mike Vaccaro, Post:
It had to feel like an eerie and altogether unsettling continuation of the last time the Tigers and the Yankees met on the field, last October, in what remains one of the few low points of the modern Yankees era. ...
I can think of a lower one.


Iain said...

The very fact that the Schadenfreude series now goes up to 18 is enough to warm the heart. ;-)

Pokerwolf said...

I can think of a lower one.

Only one?

chris said...

Ah, sweet redemption. On the 14th I sent an email to one of my buddies from school who is a yankees fan...told him i didn't think it was going to last. Glory!

L-girl said...

in what remains one of the few low points of the modern Yankees era

I guess 1979-1994 was not the modern era.

L-girl said...

told him i didn't think it was going to last

Yes, well, we all kind of sent the same email, at least mentally.

chris said...

Hahaha...yeah, you guys all said as much on the was just perfect timing, as soon as I sent it, they crashed and burned...

Going to the game on Saturday- if everything goes well I'll be returning with lots of pictures from the 3rd base dugout :O