August 20, 2007

Sexy Lips vs O-Cab

The trouble between Julian Tavarez and Orlando Cabrera began back on August 6 -- when Cabrera doubled off Tavarez in the seventh inning -- or maybe it was August 8 -- after Cabrera lined out to end the fourth inning.

Either way, Sexy Lips believed O-Cab had been looking back at the catcher, hoping to see where Jason Varitek was setting up. "I only said to him in Anaheim, 'I think you are looking at the [catcher's location signal] every time you are hitting ... with your face down. Stop doing it because I will hit you if you are doing it.'"

Cabrera: "In Anaheim, he said 'You're like Lugo — Lugo likes to give signs. If Lugo played on another team, I'd hit him.' I said, 'OK, I play on another team. Are you going to hit me?' ... It didn't take much to know he was going to hit me."

Tavarez said the pitch, which grazed the front of Cabrera's shirt, was not intentional. "I'm not looking to give up runs out there or hit him on purpose, already down 2-0. ... [But] I pay bills, too. I want to pitch inside and I've got a game plan."

A couple of hours later, Cabrera and Tavarez talked outside of the Boston clubhouse.

"We are not stealing signs," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "If we are, change your signs."

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L-girl said...

If we are, change your signs.

That says it all. :)