August 23, 2007

Sox Sign Royce Clayton

37-year-old shortstop Royce Clayton (.254/.304/.344, 69 OPS+ in 210 PA with Toronto) signed a minor league contract and will report to Pawtucket.

He's not really gonna get ABs in Boston, is he? Other than a 16th-inning pinch-hitter for Cora?


Zenslinger said...

Just the ultimate insurance policy, I guess.

tim said...


Andy said...

wtf are all of you talking about.
this is Rolls Royce Clayton of the WS SF Giants that I fought with my anaheim native dorm mate about. I am excited. Get excited baby!

L-girl said...

why? why.

redsock said...

Have you actually looked at his career stats?

In 17 years, he has never been even a league average hitter (100 OPS+). And only 2 times has he had an OPS+ over 90 (1993 and 1999).

Career: 77.

Career slugging: .367!!!

How in the name of Cesar Crespo has this man been able to hoodwink teams into giving him work for so long?