August 20, 2007

Threadsox: A New Message Board

Cakey has set up a new Red Sox discussion board -- Threadsox -- as an offshoot of Joy of Sox.

Part of his reasoning for it was that in the comments of some posts, we often have several different discussions going on (sometimes on a topic I haven't even posted about) and a message board could be better for organizing the many topics during a season. Also, JoS discussions tend to end after a day or two as the post gets pushed down the page; if you haven't bookmarked it (and why would you, really?), it becomes a pain to scroll down and find it again. Any post on a board would bump the thread to the top of the folder and everyone would see the discussion was ongoing.

I'm conflicted over Cakey's board. It looks great and has potential (Sunday's game thread was fun), but I also really like the game threads here. All last season I wished I had them and I'm happy they've grown over the last few months. But is Threadsox a worthwhile addition to our little community or is it a distraction?

I've set up a poll on the right-hand side of the blog. Please vote (once!) and add any comments here (perhaps I missed a possible option), if you like.


CaKeY said...

The way I kinda look at the posibility of this JoS/threadsox relationship is JoS as sort of a front-end to the forum. Like a newspaper with JoS as the frontpage or something...

I've always felt Blogs lent themselves well to editorial type content while forum-style sites are community driven.

chris said...

I like the threads at JOS, but I hate blog format and im much more comfortable with a forum format, for the type of discussions that we have in game threads.

If blogger allowed threading in the comments, I'd just keep 'em here. I don't think that's possible in any way, though, and I'm sure allan doesn't want the extra work of divorcing google.

So I don't know. Either way I'll be happy, as long as the crew is the same!

L-girl said...

Ohboy, we can be sure Allan doesn't want to leave Google/Blogger. It's a royal PITA. That's a non-starter.

Either way I'll be happy, as long as the crew is the same!

That's a good reminder for me too.

Jeffrey said...

I agree with Cakey's front-end analogy. It would be useful if Redsock's game posts each linked to the appropriate forum thread, such that we could go straight to the comments. I like the JoS site and content, but the game threads would be improved by the forum format.

tim said...

Copied from game thread:

I personally prefer posting here as opposed to message boards, as previously mentioned due to the simplicity of blogger. I can type a comment in, then cut it and quickly do an F5 to see if there are any more comments up, so I can alter mine if necessary.

The message board format is a lot clunkier, and I think a bit of overkill for what we use JOS for. Sure, there's some irrelevant postings as well as threads being buried but thats what comes with simplicity. I don't think that it's too much of a problem that we need to switch our whole format.

I like the layout of thread sox - its pretty cool, but leave the game threads here @ joy...nothing against cakey or anything, however [cue the nerdiness] I've been part of a couple other online messageboard communities and we've actually had reasons (mostly censorship issues, and the admin never being around, and being a complete moron/total douche when he was around) to leave the messageboard. We went to a couple different sites and ended back up at the original. Eventually one of the posters added a messageboard to his site and it worked out well for a little bit, but still...some of the original members didn't come along and it just didn't feel the same so now that whole group has been disbanded. Nevertheless, as shitty as the site now is, all the original posters still check in every couple months...[/nerdiness]

Anyway, in a longwinded way of saying it - leave the posts here. We've obviously established a sense of community around this site and are used to the posts/comments format, as well as the many different regulars/occasional posters and by going to ThreadSox, we would lose some to all of that.