August 19, 2007

Tito Sticking With Gagne

In seven appearances since coming over from Texas, Gagne has allowed 14 hits and 10 earned runs in six innings (15.00 ERA). He's allowed a .452 batting average (14-for-31), an OBP of .500 and a slugging percentage of .742. Not good.

But Francona gonna stick with him.
I don't think using him differently helps. You put a guy who pitches on adrenaline in a blowout game, it's not going to help him. ... If you're talking about a guy pitching a mop-up inning to give him work, I understand the questioning, but flip-flopping the inning? The runs still count, and you're getting the guy further away from his comfort zone. I don't know if that makes sense. ...

I guess, without being confrontational, my job is to do my job. His ERA in five or six outings is very high. If I were to -- and it seems like this is the way we're going with this [the media questions] , bench him -- that would be, in my opinion, incredibly stupid on my part.
I agree with this. There is no way Gagne has suddenly become a 15.00 ERA pitcher allowing a 1.242 OPS.


Andy said...

lugo alcs mvp and gagne WS mvp

redsock said...

lugo alcs mvp

That's what I've said a few times. Wait and see.

L-girl said...

lugo alcs mvp and gagne WS mvp

I love it, but what about Mike Lowell?