September 28, 2014

Schadenfreude 179 (A Continuing Series) (The Goodbye 2 Jeter Edition)

A Few Jeter Posts

Jesus Is The Derek Jeter Of Christianity (September 17, 2009)

Umps Shrink Jeter's Strike Zone by 16% (August 6, 2010)

"The Greatest Modern New York Yankees Event Ball Ever Publicly Offered" Could Be Yours! (July 22, 2011)

"One Of These Centuries", Jeter's Consistent Greatness At Doing "His Splendid Thing" - Which Includes Making Eye Contact When He Talks To Someone - Will Be Fully Appreciated, But For Now, "This Baseball Player For The Ages", Remains Unappreciated And Taken For Granted. For Shame, Human Race, For Shame! (September 2, 2011)

Martin Luther King & Derek Jeter: Look To The Cookie (January 18, 2012)

Mets Fans Create "Jeter Retirement Barf Bag" (April 20, 2014)

That Stupid Derek Jeter Ad Will Make You Cry For America (Tim Marchman, Deadspin, September 19, 2014)

Finally, here's Keith Olbermann (a Yankees fan, by the way):

September 23, 2014: "Derek Jeter Isn't The Greatest Player Ever"

September 24, 2014: "Jeter's Overhyped Farewell Part Two"