Note: This once-active glossary is rarely updated these days.
It now mostly serves as an amusing relic of the game-thread heyday of this blog - roughly 2006-2010.

Arrojoness: Describes a bad performance - "Mike Remlinger is showing his Arrojoness tonight." From Rolando Arrojo.

Assman: Scott Proctor. From Jere.

Baltimore Dong: A double - During one game against the Orioles (before 2009), the MASN announcers were going absolutely fucking crazy every time a Baltimore batter hit a double, someone remarked in the game thread that it was like they thought they were home runs.

Bartleby: Mark Bellhorn - Character in Herman Melville's 1853 story "Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street", who often said: "I would prefer not to." Bellhorn did not swing at a lot of pitches.

Being: Manny Ramirez - Used at Over The Monster.

Bert: See Evil Bert.

Big Donkey: Justin Masterson - Used by Sean Casey, September 2007 (see first comment).

Big Eunuch: Randy Johnson - Known as the Big Unit. aka The Big Ugly.

Bot: Jonathan Papelbon - Automatic out-getter. aka Papelbot, Snuffer.

Brak Brak: see Ococ. (Dgo vdieo hree).

Brandon: Bronson Arroyo - Tim McCarver has no idea who he is.

Bronx Bigot: Mike Mussina. Likely player alluded to by Peter Gammons in January 2000 ESPN column as someone who "has splattered" locker rooms with John Rocker-esque racist comments. Boasted he would never play in New York.

Bronx Bonger: Jeff Weaver - You mean he's not a stoner?

Buckethead: Kevin Millar - see KFK.

Buffy: Jamie Campbell, former Blue Jays play-by-play announcer, Rogers Sportnet - Looks the little boy from Family Affair (whose actual name on the show was Jody and his sister was the one called Buffy, but Buffy is the name you think of if you think of the show, and it sounds better).

BuffyVision: The "station" on which I watch Red Sox/Blue Jays games in Canada.

Cabin Mirror: Kevin Millar - In early 2003, as the Red Sox tried to get Millar out of the Japanese contract he had signed, a SoSHer ran an online Japanese article through Bablefish, which translated Millar's name as Cabin Mirror. At a Boston book signing, a SoSHer told this to Millar. He was amused. Also used with Seinfeld line: "Cherish the cabin" and as either "Cabin" or "Mirror". aka KFK.

Cactus: Jason Varitek - On August 15, 2009, as the Rangers stole eight bases in eight tries on Varitek, Kevin asked: "Can we just sit a cactus behind home plate? I think it would have more luck throwing out runners..."

Cap'n Intangibles: Derek Jeter - The calm-eyed Yankees captain whose intangibles have been well documented. aka CI.

CHB/Curly-Haired Boyfriend: Globe shit-stirrer Dan Shaughnessy - Coined by an angry Carl Everett, who told the Globe's Gordon Edes to get out of the locker room "and take your curly-haired boyfriend with you". Popularized and shortened by Boston Sports Guy Bill Simmons. It remains Everett's greatest contribution to Red Sox history, greater even than ending Mussina's perfect game with two outs in the ninth.

Chocolate Rain: Edwar Ramirez - MFY pitcher. Coined by nixon33 (see Tay Zonday).

CI: See Cap'n Intangibles.

Cookie Monster: David Ortiz - Coined by his daughter.

Corpse of ____, the: A player who appears to be deceased yet is still employed in an MLB uniform. Has been used for many players, including Troy O'Leary, Dante Bichette, Tony Clark, Bernie Williams.

Derek Lowe Face: Exasperated facial expression when things don't go your way. aka: The Face. Known in other communities as the Jeff Weaver Face.

Dimmer: Eric Gagne - In LA, his nickname was "Lights Out". Since he'll be primarily a set-up man in Boston, he's more like "Lights Almost Out" now. He will dim the lights. [Sept. 2007 note: Or not.]

Dong: What everyone on the face of the Earth will (soon) be calling a home run. It all started on August 24, 2007.

Doung: A dong hit by Jason Bay (or any other Canadian). See also homre.

Dr. Doubles: Mike Lowell - Papelbon says it's what his teammates call him.

drewsplaining: The act of complaining about J.D. Drew's poor performance in various counting statistics, such as RBI.

Dushbag: Fat Billy can't spell.

Dumbo: Jorge Posada - Coined by Pedro Martinez for the big-eared MFY catcher. aka Passedballa.

Einstein: Alex Cora - Why are only minimally-talented players so often described as the smartest in the game?

El Guapo: Rich Garces - From the movie "The Three Amigos".

Evil Bert: Adrian Gonzalez - Coined by Benjamin (December 6, 2010: "Deepest darkest eyebrows. Slightly nasal voice. If he shaves his goatee, he'll be Evil Bert.").

E-Z Pass: Former third base coach Dave Sveum.

Fat Billy from Ohio: Roger Clemens - His first name is William. He was born in Ohio. He's fat. Any questions? aka TCM.

FKR: FucKing Rays - They have become highly annoying in recent years.

Flo: David Ortiz - From Florida Evans, the name of the Good Times character played by Esther Rolle, to whom Ortiz bears a striking resemblance. aka: Tiz, Tizzle, Cookie Monster, Almighty God.

Fruitbat: Mariano Rivera - He looks like one. Coined by SoSH's Lanternjaw.

Fuck Yeah: Dustin Pedroia - From his common exclamation upon doing well in the field. Example: After his highlight-reel play to preserve Clay Buchholz's no-hitter:

FY: See Fuck Yeah.

G38: Curt Schilling - From his SoSH handle: Gehrig38. aka Blabbermouth.

Gasbag: Peter Gammons - Used more often during the Dan Duquette era when Gammons had to get in a swipe/dig/insult at the Sox GM in every single story he wrote (even if it was about the hot dog vendor for the Brewers' AA club). aka Old Hickory, Gammo.

GDGD: GodDamn GameDay.

Gerbil: Don Zimmer - Second dumbest man in the history of dumb. aka %$@*#&*.

Gidget: Derek Lowe - In July 2004, he was asked about his state of mind. "When Pedro or Curt or anybody pitches a bad game, they pitch bad. I pitch bad and I'm a Mental Gidget."

Grinning Jackass: Grady Little - As the Red Sox's chance at a win melted away, usually due to his idiotic managing, he was often seen smiling like an idiot in the dugout. aka Gump, Huckleberry Happytalk, The Dumbest Motherfucker In The History Of Ever.

Gumball: Jeff Bailey - Was using a gumball machine at a truck stop between Scranton and Rochester in the wee hours of the morning when he was told that the Red Sox were calling him up.

Gump: Grady Little - The Dumbest Motherfucker In The History Of Ever. aka Grinning Jackass.

HGH: Jason Giambi - MLB tests for steroids, so this is How Giambi Hits.

HH: Clay Buchholz. aka Laptop.

Hombre: Alan Embree.

Homre: Coined by Joe Grav. Canadian spelling. See also doung.

Horseface: Andy Pettitte. aka Tucan (Sam).

Houdini: Jon Lester - For his remarkable ability in his rookie season to, after letting several guys on base, pitch out of trouble. Now used re Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Jeemer: Hideki Okajima - From Remy's pronunciation.

Jesus: Johnny Damon - Re his 2004 hair and beard. aka Charlie Manson, Noodle.

Joe Migraine: Former Devil Rays announcer Joe Magraine.

JtC: Joba Chamberlain - From Josh Beckett's dugout admonition to the MFY reliever after he threw two pitches at/over Yook's head: "Get out of here, you fucking cunt!" aka: Joba the Hut.

KFK: Kevin Millar - Did Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials, in which he swung a drumstick a la Carlton Fisk in 1975 World Series. aka: Cabin Mirror, Buckethead, Oreck.

Laptop: Clay Buchholz - Boston Globe, March 31, 2006: "Clay Buchholz, a righthander from Angelina Junior College in Texas, was taken last summer with a first-round sandwich pick by the Sox, as other teams passed because Buchholz had been arrested for stealing 29 laptops from his high school and selling them." aka: HH.

LBJ: Jacoby Ellsbury - My partner Laura is quite taken with our young outfielder. Briefly known as "Laura's Boy Jacoby", quickly shortened to LBJ. aka: Lyndon. (Coined September 3, 2007)

Lurch: Aaron Judge.

Lyndon: See LBJ.

"Make Tito Apologize": Said when the Red Sox are piling up runs. Refers to the Red Sox's 25-8 win over the Marlins on June 27, 2003, after which Gump apologized to Florida manager Jack McKeown for supposedly running up the score. Naturally, the very next fucking night, Shithead Gump eased up with a 9-2 lead. Florida got four in the eighth and four in the ninth and won the goddamn game 10-9. Moral: NEVER stop scoring runs.

Malphabet: Doug Mientkiewicz - His last name is hard to spell. aka Eyechart or "M" and then slap random keys on your typewriter, e.g., Msldkh'VHJS.

Mayor, the: Sean Casey - He got the nickname while playing for the Reds because of his outgoing personality and willingness to chat with anyone.

MBM: Manny Being Manny - The process of putting up Hall of Fame batting stats and being an all-around entertaining person.

McMoron: Tim McCarver. Once a good announcer, now hopelessly senile.

MDC: Manny Delcarmen.

MFY: No explanation necessary. aka: the Chokers, Evil Empire.

Microwave, the: Darnell McDonald - Coined by Dustin Pedroia after McDonald's pinch-hit home run and game-winning single against Texas on April 20, 2010.

Milk Dud: Melky Cabrera - From MFY "Melk Man" shirts and the fact that he's no good.

Mockery: Lou Merloni - Who said after being demoted to Pawtucket: "I'm frustrated about the way the organization has portrayed my career. In a sense, they have made a mockery of my career and a joke of it." Not too much later, Ben Affleck said during a NESN telecast: "Hitting .192 is making a mockery of your career."

Mop, the: Kyle Farnsworth - From George King of the New York Post, April 18, 2008 (JoS mention here).

Mordecai: Kevin Brown - From Deadball Era pitcher Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown, after he punched a wall in New York and broke two of his fingers on his pitching hand.

Mr. Hankee: Hank Steinbrenner. The latest Bronx clown is unable to shut his pie hole, so he's usually saying something stupid and inappropriate (examples).

Mr. Weebles: Coined by "Jimy Williams" in a fictional interview by BSG Bill Simmons ("As you probably know, Mr. Weebles is the microscopic man that lives in my mouth and orders me to make some of my quirkier moves.")

Mrs. Garret: Garret Anderson, after the character Edna Garrett from The Facts Of Life sitcom.

MUMS: Made Up Manny Shit - The lies, rumours and assorted unsubstantiated bullshit the sports media spews about Manny Ramirez.

Napkin, the: John Burkett - Coined by SoSH's Maalox: "When you have to wipe your ass and you're all out of toilet paper, a napkin is better than nothing." I.e., he ain't Pedro, but he'll do if he's all you got.

Nomar Garciapopup: Former shortstop with the maddening habit (OCD?) of swinging at the first pitch (and often hitting it straight up in the air). aka Nosmarts.

Noodle or Noodle Arm: Johnny Damon - Obvious.

Noriega: Rudy Seanez - Separated at birth from the Panamanian dictator.

Oatmeal/We Have Oatmeal: In 2007, when the night's lineups would be posted online, I'd often announce them in the game thread with: "We Have Lineups!" Which reminded me of a sign you often see in diners/coffee shops: a paper plate taped on the wall stating "We Have Oatmeal!" - with a little smiley face. It must be a diner tradition. So Oatmeal = Lineup(s).

Ococ: Coco Crisp - Coined by my partner Laura. Why were some TV announcers, even after Nomar had been in the majors for more than 10 years, still informing us that his name came from his father's name (Ramon) spelled backwards? And why did they say it as if a huge secret was being revealed? As time went on, Laura and I would say stuff like: "Hey, did you know that Pedro's father's name is Ordep?" She soon dubbed Coco Crisp "Ococ" (pronounced Ock-ock). This relates to fellow blogger Jere's June 2005 post of pictures of the Red Sox's trip to Cleveland. One caption: "Jhonny Peralta was dropped off by his wife or girlfriend, who brought the dog along for the ride. 'Brak, brak, I'm Jhonny Peralta's dgo!'"

Old Hickory: Peter Gammons - From his resemblance to Andrew "OH" Jackson (the 7th US president) on the current US $20 bill. aka: Gasbag, Gammo.

Old Yeller: Mike Timlin.

On Fire: J.D. Drew - First used September 11, 2007. See here.

Oreck: Kevin Millar - Coined by Laura. Oreck makes vacuum cleaners that really suck up the dirt. In 2005, Millar simply sucked. aka Cabin Mirror, KFK, Buckethead.

Passedballa: Jorge Posada - Not the best defensive catcher in baseball. Usually shouted gleefully at the TV as yet another MFY pitcher's pitch is rolling to the backstop (Dumbo doesn't even have to be playing; in fact, shouting it during a Pirates-Diamondbacks game is perfectly acceptable). aka Dumbo.

Peanuthead: Bernie Williams.

Professional, the: Bill Mueller - Always described as "a professional hitter". aka the Pro.

Psycho Field: Safeco Field, Seattle - Coined by Julian Tavarez, July 2006.

Orson: David Wells - From another large man, Orson Welles.

RATS: Runners At Third and/or Second - A more accurate description than RISP (Runners In Scoring Position).

Red Dot: Scott Kazmir - From the sweater in Seinfeld episode #29. ("When I was a little girl in Panama . . .")

Rico Baldy: Rocco Baldelli - NESN had two kids read the lineups on May 7, 2009 and the kid doing the Red Sox batting order stumbled over Baldelli's name. Also used at Center Field.

Rob Dribble: Former pitcher Rob Dibble, current sports media moron. You'll get better (and more coherent) analysis from a resin bag.

Rutheberg: Scott Hatteberg - Coined by Peter Gammons, during his anti-Sox period, in an ESPN season preview on March 30, 2002: "And the monster springs from Jeremy Giambi -- who may have grown up out of his brother's shadow, especially after a winter of strict conditioning -- and Scott Rutheberg (aka, Hatteberg) may get them by for awhile." (Gammons was taking a back-handed swipe at Dan Duquette for letting Hatteberg leave via free agency (after he OPSed .678).)

SASAHE: Swinging At Shit Around His Eyes - Usually directed at Jason Varitek, who has a serious problem laying off high fastballs. This is made doubly annoying by his frequent attempts to get opposing hitters to do the same by coming out of his catcher's crouch as a high pitch is being delivered. Unfortunately, the opposing batter almost never falls for it. (Pronounced "sass-a-hee".)

Saturn Nuts: Bronson Arroyo - From Curt Schilling, who posted in the SoSH Game Thread before 2004 ALDS Game 3: "Friday is going to be a legit struggle, got a team fighting for its life against a kid making his first ever post season start, FWIW I take the kid Friday night, he's got nuts the size of Saturn." aka: Saturn Nads, Saturn, Brandon.

Seabass: Alex Gonzalez - Coined by Kevin Millar for his (Seabass's) perpetually sullen game-face.

Seabiscuit: Shea Hillenbrand. From Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book.

Secret Weapon: Julio Lugo - from a headline of May 8, 2009.

Sewing Circle: This blog - Noted by a troll on July 8, 2009: "What a little sewing circle you have created here."

Sexy Lips: Julian Tavarez - During a July 2006 Fox broadcast, he told Papelbon the two horses he owns are pretty because, like him, they have sexy lips.

SheaAAA: Shea Hillenbrand - Player of questionable major league talent, given 3B job out of spring training in 2001 by Mr. Weebles.

Shemp: Hideki Matsui - There is a strong resemblance.

SiaS/Shit in a Suit: George Steinbrenner - A SoSH original. aka FiaT/Feces in a Turtleneck.

Slappy McBluelips: Alex Rodriguez - aka: E-Rod, Mr. April, April-Rod.

Snook: Doug Mientkiewicz - Coined by David Ortiz, mentioned in Globe article. aka Malphabet.

Somebody Named: Christian Vazquez - From the back page of the May 2, 2016 Daily News, after Vazquez belted a big home run off the Yankees' supposedly infallible reliever Dellin Betances.

Snuffer: Jonathan Papelbon - He snuffs out any chance of opponents' scoring. aka Bot.

Spiders: Cleveland Indians - A better and non-racist name.

Stade Fasciste: Yankee Stadium - the name is actually a better fit for the brand new dump than it was for the 1976-2008 dump. aka the Toilet.

Statue, the: Todd Walker - Minimal range at 2B.

Stud Who Hits Bombs/SWHB: Doug Mirabelli - From Dougie's Diary.

Sultan of Sweat: Kevin Youkilis.

Super Genius: Wily Mo Pena - From Wily E. Coyote.

Tery: Terry Francona - From "Jimy" Williams, when Tito does something stupid. aka Francoma.

TCM: See Texas Con Man.

Texas Con Man: Roger Clemens - Coined by Globe sportswriter Will McDonough. aka TCM, Fat Billy.

Toilet, the: Yankee Stadium - SoSH origin: So many asses sit there. Also looks like a bedpan from the air. aka Stade Fasciste.

Thermos, the: Tony Clark - With the Red Sox in 2002, his bat stayed cold while all his teammates were hot.

Truped: Being suckered into believing a home run has been hit when it has not. From long-time Red Sox radio announcer Jerry Trupiano's excited calls - "Swing and a drive! WAY BACK! WAY BACK!" - on anything from a pop-up to short center field to an obvious foul ball down the line, to actually home runs. In 13 years calling Red Sox games, Trupe never figured out what we all learned at age 10 or so: watch the outfielder. Responsible for perhaps hundreds of car accidents throughout New England. (You can also be truped by poor camerawork while watching games on NESN.)

Way Back: Former pitcher John Wasdin - who allowed a lot of home runs (thus prompting many "WAY BACK!" calls from Jerry Trupiano).

White Flag: Mike Timlin - Bringing him into a game is/was giving up on any chance of a win. aka Old Yeller, Toasty McWhiteflag.

World's Strongest Jew/WSJ: Gabe Kapler - aka the Hebrew Hammer. aka Kotter.

WOTS: Tanyon Sturtze - Always referred to as "Worcester's Own Tanyon Sturtze".

Yook: Kevin Youkilis - aka Greek God of Walks (from Billy Beane's book "Moneyball"). FYI: Francona: "I've seen him in the locker room. He's not the Greek God of anything.". Aka the Sultan of Sweat.