January 2, 2024

Jayson Stark Presents The Weird, Wild, Wackiest, Mind-Blowing Oddities Of 2023

Like Pepperidge Farms, Jayson Stark remembers.

Way back on April 16, I saw a crazy pitching line, hit Baseball Reference's amazing Stathead, and (as I sometimes do) emailed the oddity-obsessed Stark:
You'll probably hear this elsewhere, but Luis Cessa (3-14-11-3-0, 88 vs the Reds today) is the FIRST pitcher since at least 1900 to allow 11+ runs, 14+ hits, and get 9 or fewer outs.

How is it possible no one did that before? Ralph Comstock allowed 12 runs and 14 hits in 1913 but he lasted 3.1 innings!

Stark has a good filing system – although being more organized than I am would not take much effort, planning, or thought – because this appeared more than eight months later in one of his year-end wrap-ups: