May 21, 2009

The Ballad Of Tim Wakefield

This new song by Bill Janovitz -- guitarist for Buffalo Tom but better known to me, at least, as the author of the 33.3 book on Exile On Main Street -- is making the rounds and I'm going to do my part.

I saw it at Surviving Grady and followed the link back to Bill's blog for the mp3 and lyrics. Bill wrote, recorded and posted the song yesterday morning -- after enjoying Wake's gem on Tuesday night.

He don't need no injections in his ass
He makes the ball flutter, it don't need to go fast
Hitters swinging just like cartoons when it passes
The knuckleball from Timmy Wakefield ...

When the boys are all flailing as the weather gets warm
He always remains the calm eye of the storm
There are 18 year-old people who might have been born
When a night game was pitched by Tim Wakefield

Batters strike out, pop up, heads bowed low
And into dark dugout tunnels they go
And still confused as the video shows
They were defeated by Wakefield ...

Bill also gets a thumbs up for this couplet:

Doug Mirabelli was his stitch in time
The State Police escorted him for no crime


laura k said...

It's hard to take seriously a song that begins with "He don't need no injections in his ass".

But I'm sure it will be an instant classic.

allan said...

Not knowing his music at all, he sounds more than a little like John Hiatt here.

laura k said...

That will make it palatable, anyway. :)

Unknown said...

I thin Buffalo Tom are responsible for some of those NESN bumps, at least that's what I'm told.