May 13, 2009

Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing

Roger Clemens is back in the news -- appearing on ESPN radio yesterday morning and denying (yet again) every single drug accusation against him.

Clemens is fighting back against the information in the just-published "American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America's Pastime", a book written by a quartet of Daily News reporters. (The book has already won an Associated Press Sports Editors award for Best Investigative Reporting.)

Mike Lupica, Daily News:
To the end, Roger Clemens wants you to believe his version of things as much as he believes it himself.

Clemens took a whole year off from telling his story but was back at it Tuesday on the "Mike and Mike" show on ESPN Radio. The story hasn't changed very much ... referring to "American Icon," Clemens said, "I've seen excerpts from the book and they're completely false."

He didn't say which false excerpts he'd read. But then once you get Clemens off his talking points, almost everything becomes a brain buster.
Gene Grabowski, Billy's latest PR man (his third since the Mitchell Report was released), told ESPN radio that he knew Clemens was not lying because he "looked him in the eye".

There's not much to report from the radio interview. It's the same as before: everyone else everywhere is lying, but Roger is telling the truth. I did love Billy's comment that he'd never use drugs because "our family has a history of heart conditions. ... My stepdad died of a heart attack".

I have not seen it quoted anywhere, but a SoSHer said he heard Clemens say he had his son watch one of his MLB drug tests so the boy could see how "evasive" it was. I assume Clemens meant "invasive".


nixon33 said...

"our family has a history of heart conditions. ... My stepdad died of a heart attack".
Billy no smarts.

mugro said...

It is almost sad to see Roger continue to beat the drum with his lame defense. It reminds me of all Pete Rose's denial of betting on baseball before he finally came clean and admitted it.

I just shook my head when I heard the stepdad remark and asked my wife if he really is as stupid as he sounded (Roger, not his stepdad!). I felt bad for him.

It is tragic that Roger's stats mean almost nothing to me now in the face of all of this lying, but there it is - for me, his career has been completely overshadowed by his denial of PED use.