May 1, 2009

Linescores Of The Month - April

I like the often odd and rhythmic patterns in linescores.

Last July, I posted one of my all-time favourites:
August 2, 1996
Yankees - 000 000 000 3 - 3 8 0
Royals - 000 000 000 4 - 4 8 1
Here are my Top 5 Linescores Of The Month (April):
April 9
Royals - 000 000 002 - 2 9 1
White Sox - 000 000 001 - 1 4 1

April 18
Cleveland - 0(14)1 140 011 - 22 25 1
Yankees - 2 0 0 002 000 - 4 7 1

April 21
Rangers - 020 100 200 - 5 8 1
Blue Jays - 002 010 010 - 4 9 0

April 22
Rays - 311 111 001 - 9 15 2
Mariners - 000 030 000 - 3 4 2

April 24
Phillies - 000 000 007 - 7 8 0
Marlins - 300 000 000 - 3 9 0


bdubsmitty said...

April 18 CLE vs. NYY is still my favorite of the season.

allan said...

There is no pattern to it, but it was historic. None of these are really all that great, honestly. The Red Sox (on April 27) had an identical linescore to April 9 above, but the score was 3-1.

On April 22, the Rays tried to become the first AL team in history to score in all 9 innings. It's never been done.

In one game, the Royals' first 3 innings went: 123. I wonder if any team has gone 123 4 or even 123 45?

bdubsmitty said...

No team in AL history has ever scored in every inning? That surprises me. I figured it had to be done at least once in the last 100 years.

I'm glad the Rays didn't do it then...would give them one more thing to brag about.

allan said...

Nope. A few AL teams have scored in all 8 at home and won, but not all 9 on the road. It has been done in the NL.

laura k said...

The quest for the perfect picket fence continues.

allan said...

I wish I could search B-Ref or Retrosheet for specific linescore possibilities. As far as I know, it's impossible.

allan said...

Maybe there is a game out there with: 111 111 110 or 111 101 111.

Liking linescores must have linked to my childhood obsession with car odometers.

laura k said...

"my childhood obsession with car odometers"

Outgrown that, have you?

allan said...

No, I have not.

Stupid modern digital readouts .....

allan said...

I feel safe now.

9casey said...

What was that a picture of the odometer or the fact that the car was going 70 in park?

allan said...

No idea. I'm focused on the mileage.

9casey said...

redsock said...
No idea. I'm focused on the mileage.

You most likely , on a long trip , were able to sit on the lap of the driver and watch it turn, when you were young.....damn aribags and car seats.....

Jere said...

From last August on my cousin's truck-drivin' husband's blog.

Somewhere I have video my friend shot of my car hitting 100,000 miles, as I drove it around and around in a parking lot. And I also love linescores. I guess it's a numbers thing. You're either fascinated with 'em or deathly afraid.

I feel like the Sox had a 1234 against the Yanks fairly recently.

"The Red Sox (on April 27) had an identical linescore to April 9 above, but the score was 3-1."

That's the first thing I thought of when you showed the 4/9--I assumed it was coming up, but it got the shaft!

You know what else I like? The yellow number on the manual Fenway scoreboard showing the runs of the inning in progress. And watching it get replaced by a white one at inning's end.

SoSock said...

I LOVE this shit!
I hope this becomes a monthly feature.
As if you don't have anything else to do :)
By the way - speaking of odometers - mine pissed me off greatly the other day. I've been eagerly awaiting the 400K mark on my van. It seems to have taken quite a while to get these last few thousand, but I'm sure that has to do with the fact that I'm now using the car when I can.
Any way , the other day I'm heading down I-40, sitting on 399,98-something when I hit the highway, knowing it's gonna happen before I reach my destination. I'm watching, waiting.
It gets to 399,999.9 and....the damn thing flips all the digits to zero except for 1st one, which STAYS AT 3!
Shit, who's gonna believe me now?

allan said...

I also love the yellow-to-white. And when you are following an MFY game and one of the numbers goes away, and you wait to see what happens. Sometimes, from the reaction, it seems like half the park is watching...

I LOVE this shit!
I hope this becomes a monthly feature

And here I was thinking I wouldn't even bothering post what I had. But there is no issue of space with a blog, so I figured what the hell? Knowing that someone is excited enough to post LOVE in all CAPS is reason enough to keep doing it.

Jere said...

All 0s thru 8.5 in LA. Loaded, two out. A grand slam would make it all 0s and a single 4 in bottom nine....

Jere said...

and the count goes full!


and here's the tenth pitch of the at bat!


and it's a ball! Game over.

SD 000 000 000
LA 000 000 001

Jere said...

And now another game has bases loaded, two out, tied in bottom 9 matchup (like the other one, this involved a guy named Russell). And after 9 straight fouls, the dude singles in the winning run on the 14th pitch of the at bat. Seattle beats Oakland, 8-7.

Another good linescore, from '96:

I like how in that one, you've got just a 1, 2, and 4 in each three-inning block.

Jere said...

Beautiful one:

Jere said...

I did find one where a team scored 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 in consecutive innings, not to start the game though.

andy said...

Ha I missed that at first, 70 in park. Drop in gear see if you can rip the wheels off.

SoSock email me.