May 29, 2009

G49: Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 3

Red Sox   - 010 100 100 - 3 11  1
Blue Jays - 001 050 00x - 6 10 0

Tim Wakefield (3.99, 122 ERA+) / Casey Janssen (4.50, 190 ERA+)

Note: Tonight's game thread is here.

The Red Sox lead the AL East by one-half game. The Blue Jays have lost nine games in a row, the team's worst road skid since two losing streaks of 10 games in 1979.

Janssen's last start -- May 23 at Atlanta (6-8-3-1-0) -- was his first major league appearance since 2007 and his first start since July 24, 2006.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona was examined by emergency medical technicians to check on his blood pressure not long after being ejected from Thursday's game in Minneapolis, The Boston Globe reported. ...

According to the Globe, Francona was pacing in his office, agitated and "worked up" because of the ejections of himself and Varitek when a member of the Red Sox training staff suggested that Francona, who has a history of medical issues, be examined before the team left the Metrodome ...

"I'm fine," Francona said. "I just got a little worked up and my blood pressure shot up."


9casey said...

It seems as though a lot of you never noticed Pedroia putting something in his helmet so I am now on a mission ,and found out I am not the only one......

? a while back on

Amalie, what does Dustin Pedroia put in his batting helmet every time he gets on base? He takes it off every time and puts something on the inside. Do you know what that is about?
Trevor, Middletown, Conn.

A: Trevor, you get to stand in for quite a few questions about Pedroia's antics at first base. Must be that everyone's getting a good look at the second baseman at first, since he seems to be there two of three times per game. I actually asked Pedroia this question on Wednesday after the game. His response? "That's private," he said, laughing and walking out of the clubhouse. Sorry I couldn't bring you guys a better answer. Maybe I'll be able to pry it out of him eventually.

Pokerwolf said...

I won't make this game since I'll be driving for a weekend trip.

Fun question: Will Bay get applauded when he bats?


laura k said...

"Fun question: Will Bay get applauded when he bats?"

Did he? My guess is no, because most Jays fan only cheer when they're told to.

For the couple of innings we saw at a bar, we did see fans holding a huge sign: WELCOME HOME G KOTTARAS. Nice!

laura k said...

9C, thanks for that. :)