May 23, 2009

Missed DP Fuels Lugo Disgust

Julio Lugo's first comment, re the botched fourth-inning DP last night:
I've got nothing for you guys.
Asked again, he defended himself:
I was trying to stay on the bag and get the first one first, before we do anything. I made a throw over there. He just beat it.
The moment the ball was hit, I thought it would be a double play. ... After that point, I couldn't hold the hitters and the runners and that part is what I'm a little disappointed about.
It was a terrible play (or non-play) by Lugo, who seems lost in the field too much of the time. He's been easy to hate -- just about every game brings a new reason -- but there is no guarantee that if the double play had been made and the inning ended with the Mets up 2-1 that the Red Sox would have eventually come out on top. Perhaps New York would have blown things open in the fifth and won 23-4.

It's also Matsuzaka's fault for giving up two line-drive singles to the next two batters. It's simply annoying when the team does not make routine plays and we have to watch as further damage follows.

It was likely decided before last night's game, but Nick Green is playing shortstop tonight.

Terry Francona, on Matsuzaka:
I thought he ball had some life. We wanted to keep him somewhere around 80 (pitches). We were very encouraged by his outing. The ball was coming out of his hand a lot better. It was encouraging. Again, it doesn't give you a win, but long term it looks good.
(The ProJo quotes Tito as saying Dice "had 22 first-pitch strikes". Actually, Matsuzaka faced 22 batters and threw a first-pitch strike to 16 of them. The Globe has Tito giving the correct info. Also, that 16 includes three first-pitch hits, including Sheffield's HR.)

Matsuzaka sat at 91-92, but some fastballs hit 95:
My pitches today were the best of all my recent starts, including my rehab start.

Kevin Youkilis and Johan Santana talk about their misunderstanding in the fifth inning last night. ... John Smoltz's next rehab start will be for Portland on Tuesday. ... Mark Kotsay went 2-for-3 and played six innings in the outfield for Pawtucket last night.

Manny Delcarmen, on an ESPN report yesterday of possibly being traded to the Nationals for Nick Johnson:
The Red Sox told my agent that, no, they turned them down. It made me feel good. I feel like I'm part of a team here. Growing up and being from around here, it would be kind of weird for me to go somewhere else and start over. I got drafted here and would like to end my career here.
Jonathan Papelbon, on his slider:
It's opened up my game and it's opened up my ability to throw on both sides of the place with it. It makes my fastball that much better. Hopefully I can keep myself separated from the hitters and stay ahead of the game.
Bot feels a kinship with Frod? Besides the fact that they both act like complete morons when they save a game?


laura k said...

"Bot feels a kinship with Frod? Besides the fact that they both act like complete morons when they save a game?"

Brotherhood of the Closers, exaggerated-victory-celebration division

allan said...

Post: Wang surrendered Raul Ibanez's mammoth solo homer, and six of the first 10 batters Wang faced got hits. He also walked one and had just a 29-22 strike-ball ratio. ... "We thought it was progress," manager Joe Girardi said. "We saw some good stuff tonight."

Rob said...

That's one part I love about Mariano Rivera. He saves it and maybe you'll see a slight fist pump or something, but he's very calm and professional about it.

allan said...

When he's not yelling "CATCH THE BALL!!!" in disbelief at Kenny Lofton, that is.


laura k said...

"That's one part I love about Mariano Rivera. He saves it and maybe you'll see a slight fist pump or something,"

Usually not even that, just a smile.

Pedro was always very cool on the mound too.

I wish Bot would calm down his act, but he shows no sign of that happening.

Barth said...

I think Carter is as useful as Nick Johnson as long as it is as a DH. Not worth trading the only Manny we have left.