May 26, 2009

Buchholz Misses Perfect Game In Pawtucket

Clay Buchholz came within three outs of a perfect game yesterday for Pawtucket. He allowed a single to lead off the ninth, but finished the one-hitter: 9-1-0-0-7. He went to a three-ball count only once.

PawSox manager Ron Johnson:
Pretty much everything [was working]. What I liked about it was he threw 70 out of 96 [pitches for] strikes. It wasn't like they were strikes with guys swinging at a bunch of bad pitches. It was really impressive to watch. ... When he's throwing fastballs for strikes, the other stuff just flows. He stayed on line. When he would spin off a little bit, the next pitch he would throw the fastball into the zone. It makes me a better manager when he throws like that.
HH has nothing left to prove in AAA. He's making the hitters there look like Little Leaguers. He's allowed only three earned runs in his last 33.2 innings (those runs came in one start) and has held opponents to three hits or fewer in six of his eight starts. His season ERA is 1.30.

Yesterday afternoon, Brad Penny was vomiting after each inning. Francona: He'd come out, throw up, laugh and go get 'em. He said every time he threw up, he felt better." ... Penny said he had a sinus infection: "I was a little lethargic, maybe, but I felt I had good stuff. I felt pretty good all around."

Mike Lowell will get a day off tonight. David Ortiz will be back in the lineup, probably hitting 5th or 6th.

Jed Lowrie took 15 swings from each side of the plate yesterday:
Righthanded it felt better. Lefthanded, obviously, that's the swing that I'm going to have to continue to work on. That's the top hand. That's the hand that's affected me when I was - can't say healthy - but when I was playing. ... It was more fatigued after 15 swings from the left side than it was from the right side.
The Red Sox streak of 57 straight games with at least one walk ended yesterday. There were no walks at all in the game.

John Smoltz makes his second rehab start today (roughly three innings/50 pitches) for Portland.


FenFan said...

Way to go, Laptop! Of course, then it begs the question as to where he would be placed. Wake is having a "career" season and Penny, as high as his ERA stands, is winning games, too.

Time has a way of having its influence on a season, though...

allan said...

findguapo (SoSH):
I was at the game today. He hit 98 in the 8th, consistently 94, on a gun that is not inflated. The other starter was 86-87. Excellent change up all game, 80-82, and an unhittable cb. The hit was a very tough play, but could have been made, hard 1 hop line drive. He looked like he is more than ready to do very well in MLB.


Jed Zeppelin (SoSH):
Olney on Sportscenter (paraphrasing):
-Boston would like to call up Buchholz soon
-Penny will presumably be traded sooner rather than later and would likely get his permission if they trade him before June 15
-Mets, Brewers, Phillies would be interested
-Boston would be looking for a good prospect in return
-I'm ignoring the imminent return of John Smoltz

FenFan said...

Penny will presumably be traded sooner rather than later and would likely get his permission if they trade him before June 15Excuse my ignorance but does Penny have trade rights? He isn't a 10/5 guy as far as I know, since he is in his tenth season. After posting, I saw the same language somewhere else (forgetting where). Obviously, there is always a way. :-)