May 3, 2009

Ortiz: "I'll Be Back. Write That #%@# Down."

David Ortiz held a 10-minute Q&A session with the media this morning. In his report, the Globe's Adam Kilgore thought it was akin to a therapy session.

Well, I'm not happy. Why should I be? But let me tell you what. I'm the kind of guy that, 100 at-bats in two weeks, I can wipe my [expletive] with. You know what I'm saying? I'm just going to keep it cool, keep playing the game, not worry about too many things. I'm not going to worry about all the negativity, all the bull [expletive]. Because, it seems like it's never enough. People, all they like to see is people fail, so they have a reason to talk [expletive]. So that's why I'm trying to stay away from talking. Because I don't need to talk. I need to do things right now. You know what I'm saying? I will do things. Believe me. Regardless. I will.

It's going to come slowly, and it will. I'm just not trying to do ... what I can do in a week, I'm not trying to do in one day anymore. I was. I'm not going to lying to you. I was trying to get five hits in one at-bat. So right now, I'm just taking it slowly. If they want to walk me, they don't want to give me [expletive] to hit, I won't swing. If you give me something, I'm going to try to hit. If I don't hit a home run today, I'm going to hit a home run tomorrow. ...

It gets in your head for a minute. It does. You've always been a home run kind of guy, an RBI kind of guy. You've got 100 at-bats and you haven't hit one one out, you be like, "What the [expletive] and I'm doing?" But at the same time, you've got to see it this way: It's not like you're just stepping to the plate and not trying. Hitting a homer looks easy, but it ain't. And like I said, you just got to be patient and keep on swinging and putting in some good at-bats. ...

It's because I've been banging since I've been here. When you slow down a little bit, you know, it's like they're expecting it. Things like that either make you or break or you. I'm the kind of guy that I try to work every day. You guys see it every day. The only result you're going to get when you work is what you expect. ... When people know that you can bang, and you are not, then they start questioning you.

This is my seventh year here. If you don't know me at this point, [expletive], what can I tell you? Who you been watching, the Anaheim Angels? You know what I'm saying? It will come. It will come. I'm finally relaxing now.


Barth said...

But he looks crappy again today nd the first pitch pop up in his last AB, which had him hanging his head, does not fill me with confidence.

And, no, I haven't been watching the Angels (who were rained out in NY today).

I have watched this drip, drip of a game against TB, though. Last year it was Julian Tavarez (and 32 years ago it was Julian Javier). Both were, as the 1967 saying went, Herks.

This year, again, it is Julio, as in Lugo. Another problem in the field today, cost us runs.

There is what appears to me to be a planted story by Nick Cafardo in the Globe today supporting the idea of Green over Lugo until Jed Lowrie is back and I will bet any amount of money that either Terry or even Theo wanted that published so that Lucchino and so on won't complain that we are wasting money by doing so. He can't be traded unless we eat a ton of salary and that is too galling for management. Maybe in the stretch run, an NL team will need him and we can get rid of him and most of the contract.

The Penny saga is not long for this world. If Daisuke pitches okay in Pawtucket (but you probably heard Theo's line about 2 or 3 games at least), he will need a spot and right now it doesn't seem as if Masterson should be the odd man out. Then, in about six weeks probably, we will have a sure fire HOFer ready to go in Smoltz. I cannot see Penny still in at that point, barring an injury or some revelation as to why Becket can no longer pitch well.

laura k said...

"But he looks crappy again today"

So today wasn't the day.