May 5, 2009

Dirt Dogs: "Certainly Seems" Like Ortiz Is Finished

On Monday morning, Dirt Dogs asked: "Is David All Done?"

The knee-jerk answer: "It Certainly Seems That Way"

In addition to not getting any hits over the weekend in Tampa Bay (though he did reach base six times) and made it through April without hitting a ball over an outfield fence, Ortiz failed to get a hit in 22 consecutive plate appearances --

What? That skid was from August 16-21, 2004? I guess he was cooked as a hitter back then, too. Ortiz's current slash averages -- .222/.319/.333 -- are certainly poor, but he went through several month-long stretches with few home runs even when he was The Man:
3 in 27 games, May 16 to June 16, 2004
3 in 24 games, July 16 to August 10, 2005
4 in 27 games, May 3 to June 3, 2006
There is concern -- and then there's overreaction. Saying Ortiz "certainly" seems "done" as a hitter is premature. He's not out of the woods yet, but last night in New York, Ortiz was on base four times in five trips to the plate, with two doubles down the right field line and two walks.


Jon Lester was not concerned about the consecutive pitches that Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira hit for home runs:
They weren't up, they were just middle. That was one thing that I was actually happy to see, cause most of the home runs I've given up this year have been pitches up and out over the middle of the plate. These were down, just balls that were mislocated. I can deal with that.
Terry Francona thinks Julio Lugo's rusty glove and reflexes are due to coming back too quickly:
I don't think he's moving yet like he's gonna. ... I think putting him out there sometimes is a little unfair. I thought [Sunday] he got put in some situations where plays were hard for him to make.
Jason Bay is 9-for-15 (.600) against the Yankees this season, with two homers and seven RBI. ... Kevin Youkilis left the game in the sixth because of a tight left lower back. ... Rocco Baldelli, who went 0-for-3 as Pawtucket's DH last night, may play in the outfield today. Daisuke Matsuzaka will start for the PawSox.


Jeremy said...

I usually love the Dirt Dogs, except when they start slagging the team more than necessary. Its always amusing to me that they will praise a player one day and then do a complete 180 on them the next and execute their character, as if they didn't even know them the day before. But hey, that's their prerogative, right? Either way, they are as eager to slag the Yankees as JoS so it evens out in some wierd way. (Schadenfreude on here takes the cake)

Gambrinus said...

I guess a lot of the concern is because Papi seemed to be slumping at the end of last season, as well, but this certainly seems like an overreaction. But I will say that it's good to see that he's able to take a walk, instead of just swinging wildly and striking out.

Jere said...

Still can't believe Dirt Dogs exists.

buffwarrior said...

i wish Papi was homering the big hits but he's still productive and had two doubles last night had there not been a guy playing on Third as they usually do with the shift he would have easily had 3- double night. At least he's seeing the ball well and either walking or getting hits. The home runs will come... give him a break. If the team was losing fine you can bag on Papi as part of the problem. They are winning so you have to assume he part of the solution.

andy said...

You all missed the real story. Tito thinks Lugo has potential and that his current sucktitude is because he came back too quick. He was delayed in coming back and he hasn't played forever. Too soon? He just sucks Mr Francona.

charlie pioli said...

I hate They're a trashy source.

laura k said...

"But hey, that's their prerogative, right?"

Sure. No one's questioning their right to be tabloid idiots. They're still not worth the time it takes to click.