December 15, 2009

SoSH: Top 100 Red Sox Of All-Time

Last June, SoSH began voting on the top 100 players in Red Sox history.

The process went something like this: Members and lurkers nominated players for spots 1-10; the 20 players with the most nominations were put in a poll to determine the 1-10 spots. Anyone that did not make the cut for either the 20 nominations or the 10 voting spots was available to be nominated in the next round. Repeat for 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, etc.
The Top 100
  1. Ted Williams
2. Pedro Martinez
3. Carl Yastrzemski
4. Cy Young
5. Roger Clemens
6. Manny Ramirez
7. Tris Speaker
8. Wade Boggs
9. Jimmie Foxx
10. Babe Ruth
11. Jim Rice
12. Carlton Fisk
13. Dwight Evans
14. Bobby Doerr
15. David Ortiz
16. Lefty Grove
17. Smokey Joe Wood
18. Nomar Garciaparra
19. Joe Cronin
20. Dom DiMaggio
21. Luis Tiant
22. Mo Vaughn
23. Tim Wakefield
24. Fred Lynn
25. Tony Conigliaro
26. Johnny Pesky
27. Jason Varitek
28. Harry Hooper
29. Curt Schilling
30. Mel Parnell
31. Jimmy Collins
32. Dick Radatz
33. Rico Petrocelli
34. Jonathan Papelbon
35. Mike Greenwell
36. Bob Stanley
37. Bill Lee
38. Vern Stephens
39. Jackie Jensen
40. Dennis Eckersley
41. Derek Lowe
42. Dutch Leonard
43. Reggie Smith
44. Bruce Hurst
45. Pete Runnels
46. Kevin Youkilis
47. Buck Freeman
48. Dustin Pedroia
49. Larry Gardner
50. Ellis Burks
51. Josh Beckett
52. Frank Malzone
53. John Valentin
54. Tex Hughson
55. George Scott
56. Ellis Kinder
57. Duffy Lewis
58. Johnny Damon
59. Billy Goodman
60. Rick Burleson
61. Trot Nixon
62. Jim Lonborg
63. Bill Monbouquette
64. Marty Barrett
65. Jimmy Piersall
66. Mike Timlin
67. Rick Ferrell
68. Carl Mays
69. Joe Dobson
70. Rich Gedman
71. Mike Lowell
72. Bill Mueller
73. Frank Sullivan
74. Troy O'Leary
75. Wes Ferrell
76. Bill Dinneen
77. Chick Stahl
78. Jody Reed
79. Brian Daubach
80. Tom Burgmeier
81. Jon Lester
82. Sparky Lyle
83. J.D. Drew
84. Bernie Carbo
85. Bill Carrigan
86. Boo Ferriss
87. Mike Andrews
88. Dave Henderson
89. Ernie Shore
90. Everett Scott
91. Keith Foulke
92. Tom Gordon
93. Tommy Harper
94. Lee Smith
95. Butch Hobson
96. Jacoby Ellsbury
97. Bill Campbell
98. Ray Culp
99. Jake Stahl
100. Rich Garces


seano said...

Where is Dave Roberts??? He deserves a spot somewhere in the top 30 *at least*.

FenFan said...

Good list! I would have put Double X higher on the list but it's a good representation of "the best of the best."

I was trying to create my own top 25 a few years ago based on statistics. I'm going to have to revisit this this winter and compare notes. :-)

Amy said...

I wouldn't put Papelbon in the top 40---too soon to give him that high a spot. I would certainly put Eckersley above him, for example. I would probably at this point in history put him where Foulke is. But I have my doubts about Pap, so that may affect my view of this.

Glad to see Tek made the top 30!

Unknown said...

Why is Lee Smith on this list? Didn't he only pitch like 50 innings, and unspectacular innings at that? Why not Eric Gagne?

9casey said...

Rich Garces????? wasn't Bellhorn a better Red Sock, and Buckner .

allan said...

Why is Lee Smith on this list? Didn't he only pitch like 50 innings, and unspectacular innings at that?

168.2 innings over three years, at a 136 ERA+ (which was better than his ERA+ with both the Cubs and Cardinals).

Rich Garces????? wasn't Bellhorn a better Red Sock, and Buckner

I don't know. Outside of nominating Carl Mays at the very beginning, I did not participate in this. However, Bellhorn was here for only 1.5 years and Guapo was around for 7.

The guy who organized it did admit that it was subjective and also got a bit weird at the end.

9casey said...

Bellhorn was here for only 1.5 years and Guapo was around for 7.

But his 1.5 seemed alot more meaningful than El Quapo's 7

Geoff Millener said...

I'm kind of glad Garces made it. I remember the standing ovations he used to get from the Expos crowd. Man had .. well, something. A gut, yes, but something intangible, too.

Unknown said...

I was hoping to see Dave Roberts and Foulke should be higher than 91.

9casey said...

Rosenthal also notes that the Red Sox are trying to sign Josh Beckett to an extension. Beckett, 30 in May, is up for free agency after the 2010 season

You would have to assume that would be 5/90+, right?

FenFan said...

It's all subjective. It's easy to argue who's more valuable, Bellhorn or Garces, and be right either way. As eluded to by redsock, once you get past the top 25, the logic gets fuzzy.

Actually, it makes me want to find out who the heck is Tom Burgmeier, the only name I don't recognize on the list.

SoSock said...

These kinds of things are so hard to pay any attention to whatsoever.
So much personal experience and familiarity comes into play toward the bottom of a list like this.
The only things that stick out to me were the somewhat high ranking of Mo Vaughn and the absence of Dave Roberts. Loved Mo to death, but ahead of Lynn, Pesky, Greenwell, and some of the others below him? Oy. And that one burning image of that one instant should put Dave in ahead of some of those others in the last 10 or 15.
But that's just my opinion, and therein lies the problem. It's all someone's opinion.

Rob said...

The first real threat to the DH rule?

Rob said...

Cameron will wear #23, The Big Ogre will wear #40. BARTOLO'S number!

Bartman said...

Good to see Tony C. as high as his number!

Patrick said...

I think Pappelbon is way too high.

Unknown said...

I agree Dave Roberts has gotta be in there somewhere, maybe just number 100, but SOMEWHERE!

Meanwhile... I predict that Curt Schilling should migrate higher than 39. I dont particularly like the guy, but that was the stuff of legends. Period.

I think Eckersley should be higher than 40. One of the greatest pitchers of all time. Or Ehh? maybe not so important as a Red Sock?

El Tiante... God Bless him.

Bernie Carbo at 84, Yes! - the broken dreams of 1977 will live on in my memory till my dying day. Speaking of which Zip Zimmer... never make this list in the top one million. Gerbil.