January 21, 2011

Red Sox Withdraw Plan To Move RF Fences

The Boston Red Sox have withdrawn their plan to widen the bullpens in right field, an alteration that would have shortened the distance to the right field fence approximately seven to nine feet.

Because the Massachusetts Historical Commission did not approve the plan, the team would not be eligible for tax credits. But team president Larry Lucchino said that the subsidies were not the main issue.
It was not a specific tax consideration. The danger was more about jeopardizing the historic designation attached to Fenway Park. ... [W]e have alternatives we are going to explore going forward. ... It's not going to happen this year but it may happen down the road.
There was no word on whether the team would consider widening the pens by moving them in the other direction -- into the bleachers and forfeiting a couple of rows of seats.

Lucchino echoed the feeling of a lot of Red Sox fans, when he said he is anxious for the 2011 season to start.
By the end of last season, I think I was as tired as any of our fans or players, just being frustrated and all that. All it took was a few months away from it and a few big offseason acquisitions and all of a sudden, I can't wait to get going.
Tito is pumped, too.


Rob said...


A tweet from Dan Roche from WBZ Sports:

"Wow! The AL East should be fun as @SI_JonHeyman reports the TB Rays have signed both Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon."

I can't stop laughing! This is going to be such a fun season. WHAT IN THE WORLD!

allan said...

SoSHer radsoxfan: "Manny in right, Damon in left. Maybe they want to find out just how good B.J. Upton is in center"