August 1, 2012

Schadenfreude 133 (A Continuing Series)

Andrew Marchand, ESPNNewYork:
The Yankees really are not playing good baseball. They have now lost nine of their last 12 games. ... [T]he O's are suddenly 5.5 games [sic] and can go for the sweep on Wednesday afternoon. ...

Ivan Nova, who has given up as many extra base hits as anyone in baseball, got crushed in the second. ... All [seven] runs came with two outs. ... He gave up a career worst nine runs on 10 hits.
Joe Girardi: "He had no fastball. Inconsistent slider. Inconsistent curveball. ... He better get [his focus] back or it is going to happen a lot."

Ivan Nova had a different assessment of his performance: "Bad luck."
Yankees' lead over the Red Sox:
Saturday  AM: 11.5 games
Sunday    AM: 10.5 games
Monday    AM:  9.5 games
Tuesday   AM:  8.5 games
Wednesday AM:  7.5 games
Thursday  AM:  ???

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