June 10, 2013

G65: Red Sox 10, Rays 8 (14)

Red Sox - 600 000 000 200 02 - 10 15  0
Rays    - 201 100 110 200 00 -  8 17  1
Game stories: ESPNBoston, WEEI, MLB.com, Globe, Herald, ProJo, AP.

Joe Maddon is convinced John Lackey drilled Matt Joyce in the sixth inning on purpose.
John Lackey / Alex Cobb

Will Middlebrooks has been recalled from Pawtucket and activated from the disabled list. He will start at third base tonight. Pedro Ciriaco was designated for assignment.
Ellsbury, CF
Victorino, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Nava, LF
Carp, 1B
Saltalamacchia, C
Middlebrooks, 3B
Drew, SS


Dr. Jeff said...

How could it not be on purpose? I think the ball hit him in the "0" of the "20" on Joyce's uniform. A classic beanball. I'm kind of amazed Lackey didn't get thrown out. I think Joyce overreacted, and I never like to see anyone get put on base for free. So I think it was a dumb move on Lackey's part, but that the Rays' reaction was also dumb.

allan said...

My initial thought was wtf is Joyce annoyed about. But in one of the stories, Joyce muses that he might have admired his dong a bit and Lackey was pissed. ... And despite the Rays chipping away, Joyce did get drilled with 2 outs and no one on (and Lackey's night almost done).

Jere said...

"the ball hit him in the "0" of the "20" on Joyce's uniform. A classic beanball."

I never miss a chance to have a semantic discussion! (Or is it "semantics discussion"?) The "bean" is the head--"beanball" is a pitch thrown at a batter's head. I guess maybe it's come to mean a purpose pitch, though. Kind of like how a "streaker" now means anybody who runs onto the field, as opposed to a naked person in public.

Dr. Jeff said...

OK Jere! "A ball intentionally thrown at the hitter." I agree that Joyce was standing in admiration. But the guy in MLB who admires his HRs the most is Ortiz. Why doesn't he get hit more often? Well, I guess if I were a pitcher I wouldn't want to see Ortiz charging me on the mound. Look what happened to Greinke...

laura k said...

I always thought a beanball or a beaning referred specifically to the head. I do think it used to mean that, but maybe the word has migrated to be more general.

Re Dr Jeff's question, I guess if you're David Ortiz you can get away with it. Similar to how great pitchers have their own personal strike zones.

laura k said...

I also thought "how could that not be on purpose". Between the numbers! I grew up knowing that a soft (relatively speaking) pitch between the numbers, after a guy hit a HR and styled a bit, was payback.