September 7, 2013

Fun Facts From Yankee Stadium III

The Red Sox are first visiting team in 102 years to score 9+ runs on three consecutive days against the Yankees. (Cleveland did it in 1911 and the Red Sox did it in four games in 1912.)

The Yankees are the first home team in history to lose three consecutive games while scoring eight or more runs.

The Yankees gave up 12+ runs in back-to-back home games for the first time in 107 years (1907).

The Red Sox scored 9+ runs in three straight games against the Yankees for only the third time in franchise history, and the first time since June 17-19, 1977.

This is the first Red Sox-Yankees series ever in which both teams scored at least eight runs in each of three consecutive games.

The 54 runs the Red Sox have scored in their last four games are not even close to a team record. On June 5-8, 1950, Boston scored 65 runs in four consecutive games (12-0, 4-8, 20-4, 29-4).


Maurice said...

Guess as much as the negativity peeves me, chants of "Yankees suck!" by Red Sox fans are OK for the time being...

laura k said...

"Negativity peeves me"

Now that's something I've never heard from a Red Sox fan!

I think these facts are very positive. In fact, I am positive of it.