December 11, 2014

Red Sox Trade Cespedes To Tigers For Rick Porcello

The Red Sox have acquired Rick Porcello from the Tigers in exchange for Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Wilson, and Gabe Speier.

Porcello, who turns 26 two days after Christmas, had his best season last year, with a 3.43 ERA in 31 starts.

Current rotation: Porcello, Clay Buchholz, Joe Kelly, Wade Miley, and ???.

Also, check out Joon Lee's comprehensive look at Miley.


Michael said...

We got us a rotation: Porcello/Miley/Buchholz/Kelly/Masterson.

I think at least one or two of those guys might be dangled in trade proposals for Hamels or some other elite arm. But this allows Ben to also walk away if things should get too expensive. You know, now that we have something actually resembling a rotation and stuff.

Also, all the new guys are young, proven 200IP types with some potential upside, which is a nice balance to the stack of youngsters we (still) have in the farm.

They're also all groundballers, which means they either want X and Panda to really work next year or, again, one or more of them are going.

johngoldfine said...

I'm feeling cheerful about the rotation--maybe not so much in six months, but for now....good as Lester is, putting that much hope, pressure, and expectation on one arm had the potential to explode unpleasantly with an injury or a few bad outings.