April 21, 2016

Schadenfreude 186 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:
To say the Yankees stunk Wednesday night would be a disservice to a fresh pile of horse manure on Broadway.

They ran the bases foolishly, pitched poorly in situations, failed to catch the ball that cost them while attempting to turn a critical double play and hit the ball as if they were using wet newspapers instead of bats. ...

Bad doesn't begin to describe the 5-8 Yankees recently. They have lost six of seven and during that stretch are 4-for-58 (.069) with runners in scoring position. ...

The lack of clutch hitting is lethal. The starting pitching is pedestrian at best. The fielding is shoddy and that doesn't account for balls not gotten to because of a severe lack of range. And the manager admitted he doesn't have an answer for the hitting woes.

All of that adds up to an odor that makes horse manure smell like Paris in the spring.
Kevin Kernan, Post:
After Wednesday's [sic] night's horrible 5-2 loss to the light-hitting A's at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees once again were hitless (0-for-4) with runners in scoring position and for the season own a grand total of six hits with two outs with runners in scoring position.

That is off-the-charts ugly and dead last in the majors.

Their Baseball IQ is terrible too. ...

A-Rod is a major problem, batting .163 with five RBIs. But he is not alone.

Teixeira is hitting .182, the same as Headley. Hicks is hitting .050.

This is beyond bad and can't go on.
John Harper, Daily News:
Inevitably the frustration in a Joe Girardi press conference is felt on the outside looking in, as the manager normally protects his players at all costs on nights like this — nights when the media wants honest answers and the fans want a high-priced pound of flesh.

But not this time. In fact, Joe Girardi was mad as hell and it showed. How much so? When he was asked about his frustration level he said simply: "Look at my face."
Daniel Popper, Daily News:
Joe Girardi believes in the law of averages.

The Yankees manager hammered that point home Wednesday afternoon. "That will change," Girardi said of his floundering offense. "Those things change."

The point being: Eventually, his team will snap out of its offensive funk and start driving home runners when they're in scoring position. It's math. ...

The Yankees (5-8) are now 2-for-their-last-46 with RISP.

Kevin Kernan, Post:
Jacoby Ellsbury was a $153 million pinch-runner Tuesday night. He was thrown out at second trying to steal in the ninth inning.

Ellsbury was benched in the wild-card playoff game last October and again found himself on the pine in the disappointment-filled 3-2 loss to the Athletics in 11 innings at Yankee Stadium. ...

Ellsbury's April numbers are not pretty. He is batting .213 with zero home runs and five RBIs. He has scored four runs. His on-base percentage is .260. His slugging percentage is .298. He has struggled in the outfield.

The Yankees need Ellsbury to pick it up. They need a lot of help.
From December 2013:


allan said...

Elias: The Athletics, who defeated the Yankees in the Bronx, 5-2, are 5-0 on the road this season. This is the fifth consecutive season in which at least one major-league team has started 5-0 away from home. But Oakland is the first team since the 1915 Phillies to win each of its first five road games and allow two or fewer runs in each of them. That Philadelphia team, with a pitching staff led by Grover Alexander, extended its streak to seven games.

FenFan said...

Loving the Schadenfreude!