September 13, 2016

White Sox Become 8th AL Team To Score In Every Inning Of Home Win

The Red Sox scored in the first seven innings of Monday's win over Baltimore before being blanked in the eighth, but the White Sox scored in all eight innings of their home victory over Cleveland.

It is the eighth time in American League history that team has scored in all eight innings in which it batted.

No American League team has scored in all nine innings of a game.
Cleveland - 030 000 010 -  4  8  2
White Sox - 111 211 22x - 11 16  2


Monty said...

I was watching the Sox game hoping to see them score in every inning..very rare occurrence. It has only been done twice by a visiting team (scoring in all nine innings). I equate it to a perfect game for the offense.

allan said...

It has actually been done five times by a visiting team, four in the NL and once in the Federal League:

June 29, 1897, Chicago Colts 36, Louisville Colonels 7
June 1, 1923, New York Giants 22, Philadelphia Phillies 8
September 13, 1964, St. Louis Cardinals 15, Chicago Cubs 2
May 5, 1999, Colorado Rockies 13, Chicago Cubs 6

July 1, 1915, Pittsburgh Rebels 13, Baltimore Terrapins 5

Paul Hickman said...

Any chance of renaming Baltimore the Terrapins from now on ???