October 25, 2016

Sports Media Overwhelmingly Pick Cubs To Win World Series

The "experts" at several sports media outlets have posted their predictions for the World Series - and most of them expect the Chicago Cubs to end their 108-year title drought.

ESPN: 26 of 32 pick the Cubs

MLB.com: 11 of 14 pick the Cubs

CBS Sports: 5 of 6 pick the Cubs

SI/Fox Sports: 4 of 6 pick the Cubs

The Sporting News: 4 of 5 pick the Cubs

My pick: Cubs in 6.

1 comment:

Paul Hickman said...

Quite a few might be having a rethink after tonight's events ........ my pick was the Cubs - from last November onwards !!!!!!!! However I have gotten cold feet in the last few days - the Dodgers made some inroads & pre-game 1 , I was Cubs in 5 or maybe Tribe in 7 ....... i.e. If the Cubs don't polish em off quick , then you fancy Tribe has a 'pressure' edge in a close series. After tonight it is all on the line tomorrow - I'd be very surprised if the Cubs fired a shot if they fall 0-2 ....... the roof might fall in ...... but if they go back to Wrigley at 1-1 then maybe they run in out in 5 ?

So Game 2 is now "the Buster" for me ......... How about Jake or a Fake ???????????