November 2, 2016

World Series 7: Cubs 8, Cleveland 7 (10)

Cubs      - 100 221 000 2 - 8 13  3
Cleveland - 001 020 030 1 - 7 11  1

Kyle Hendricks / Corey Kluber

This is the 38th World Series Game 7. In the previous 37, the home team has won 19 times, the road team 18.

Billy Witz, New York Times:
The Chicago Cubs, who have endured 108 years without a championship, and the Cleveland Indians, who have waited a mere 68, are nothing if not patient.

So what's one more day?

All those decades of disappointment and heartbreak will be washed away for one of these franchises on Wednesday night as the 112th World Series culminates in a Game 7. ...

The winner will relish what will surely be viewed as a transformative victory in either city. The loser will be left with another chapter of anguish — perhaps the cruelest one in a history of them.
Zack Meisel,
This is it. There's no Game 8. There's no next round. There's only a long, bone-chilling winter ahead for one team and a long off-season marked by championship splendor for the other.
Rick Morissey, Chicago Sun-Times:
A Game 7 involving the long-suffering Chicago Cubs and the long-suffering Cleveland Indians to decide which team finally gets sprung from its respective prison cell. Who thought up this ridiculous storyline? Someone with a sense of humor and a mean streak. When it's all over, one team is not going to know what to do with itself, and the other is going to walk away crushed – again.
Richard Sandomir, New York Times:
Through five games, the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians has attracted the most viewers for the Series since 2004, when the Boston Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals to win their first title in 86 years.

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Paul Hickman said...

Thanks Allan for your quality Blog - have a Good Winter ........ Meantime down in Australia I am sweating buckets in another HOT Summer !!!!!!

Re Last Night ,

It occurred to me afterwards that someone should have brought along a Kitchen Sink to the Ballpark ........ That Game had everything but that ....... Congrats to both teams , Tito & Joe & all the rest of them.

2 things - there is no such thing as a TIE , but that is as close as you can get & in the end I think the best team in the Playoffs narrowly lost to the best team over the whole season.

Secondly , I tip my Cap to Tito for his comments afterwards & particularly to remember the Umpire John Hirschbeck - it was pure class , as we have come to know him.

All in all a memorable finish to an unforgettable season.

Oh there is 1 last thing , the very Last Out , I smiled wryly as I thought to myself , how Tito must dearly wish he could call Big Papi from the dugout ........ One Last Time ...........

The Hapless Cubs are no more ........ NUF CED