October 21, 2017

It Did Not Work In 2004 ... And It Won't Work Now

October 20, 2004

October 21, 2017

October 12, 2007 - ALCS 1
Sabathia: 4.1-7-8-5-3, 85. Loss, Red Sox won 10-3.
October 18, 2007 - ALCS 5 (Cleveland can clinch pennant)
Sabathia: 6-10-4-2-6, 112. Loss, Red Sox win 7-1.
October 2, 2008, NLDS 2:    3.2- 6-5-4-5,  98. Brewers lost 5-2.
October 28, 2009, WS 1:     7.0- 4-2-3-6, 113. Yankees lost 6-1.
October 15, 2010, ALCS 1:   4.0- 6-5-4-3,  93.
October 6, 2011, ALDS 5:    1.1- 2-1-2-4,  37 (relief). Yankees lose series, season over.
October 18, 2012, ALCS 4:   3.2-11-6-2-3,  93. Yankees lose series, season over.
October 6, 2017, ALDS 2:    5.1- 3-4-3-5,  77. Yankees lose in 13 innings.


allan said...

ESPN notes that following a Yankees loss this season, CC is 10-0 with a 1.69 ERA.

ESPN prediction:
"By virtue of playing at Minute Maid Park, the Astros seem to have the edge, especially considering that the home team has won every game in the series. But home teams are only 53-54 all time in winner-take-all postseason games. Other than the venue, the arrow is pointing to the Yankees. They have a playoff-tested starter on the mound and a far deeper and more talented bullpen. They also are 4-0 in winner-take-all games this postseason. Judge & Co. will get into the Astros' bullpen and tee off for an 8-5 victory and head to Hollywood for another date with the Dodgers."

In an ESPN poll, after 6,618 votes, fans think the MFY will win (53%).

ESPN also says the Dodgers should want to face the Astros because the Yankees are just TOO FRIGGING AWESOME right now:
"In the end, the Dodgers should want to see the Astros. New York is a hot team, with a dynamic bullpen and the ability to win a game with one big blast supplied by any one of their power hitters. The Astros are the more complete team, with an offense that is balanced, deep and versatile. That makes it that much tougher to match up against them in the middle innings. It's also an offense that suddenly has stopped scoring runs against a red-hot New York pitching staff. Plus, the Houston bullpen has been enigmatic even if it remains a group with a solid recent track record. Finally, the bottom line: The Astros won more games than the Yankees during the regular season, but it was New York that had the better run differential."

So even though Houston is "the more complete team" with a "deep and versatile" offense which makes it "much tougher" for opponents to face them in the middle innings, ESPN still picks the MFY. Because of course they do.

Paul Hickman said...

STRO it to CC & them MFY 1 more time .......

As Tom Petty famously sang :

Give em all some place to go ........ Mongolia !!!!!

FenFan said...

Do you smell that? It's YED!!!

Paul Hickman said...

You Bloody Beauty !!!!!!!

MONGOLIA ......... Get Ready !!!!!!!